This set of short articles is intended to help the interested evolving individual to obtain enough facts and insight into the REAL status of the human lifewave so that he/she, having realized his/her dilemma of embodied entanglement within the phenomenally manifested structures of time, space, and causality, might become less and less susceptible to the scalar limitations of objectivity and continue to move upward through the gradations of human individual progress. These gradations, which represent levels or degrees of perceptual and ratiocinative capacity, increase toward a lucid knowing and are actually scales of universal evolutionary status that a human individual has reached, self-determined by the measure of ignorance and confusion still remaining in the non-lucid mind of such individual. It is hoped that these articles may provide helpful information to all enquirers into the human predicament.


            Generally, there are two classes of enquirers: (1) Those individuals who are merely curiously skeptical about unusual or arcane subjects, whose real interest lies in upholding their own particular beliefs, and (2) those individuals who are studiously enquiring into the basic and important questions about life and existence, searching for real knowledge concerning purpose and meaning and the truth, whose real interest lies in upholding that truth responsibly and conscientiously.

            There are always multitudes of seekers but few finders. Most seekers have not been able to decide on the proper ultimate object of the seeking. Nearly everyone is, at some point in life experience, caught up in motivated curiosity about themselves, about the universe, about God, and death. Also there is the reality of the presence of turmoil, anxiety, distress, and the various dissatisfactions in life. Those who have pursued answers to the questions and who have had some insight into the way things really are, have understood that the source of all the turmoil and doubt and confusion of each individual, as well as of the whole human race collectively, is rooted in only one thing: ignorance. Herein lies the basic ground for all the false values, delusions, superstitions, and misconceptions with which people become entangled. All of the unwanted things and events that happen to people occur because of their inability to perceive deeply into the real nature of the causes of destinies.

            The mistaking of conceptual illusion (which is delusion) for what is thought (or hoped) to be reality culminates always in the pursuit of that which is insignificant, and ultimately somehow, painful. There is joy in life, but it is always temporary, and instead of being a primary existential pattern of individual or collective existence, life’s joy, beauty, success, or harmony are happenstance momentary occurrences fitted into a daily life of disturbances and drab morosity. Even when some measure of success or happiness is attained, something occurs which dissolves a sense of security or stability. Everything is impermanent and fleeting; there is found no constant contentment, although there is motivation to keep seeking for it.

            Instead of continuing obsessively in this mundane whirl there are a few who arrive at the point of saturation with the common pattern of experience. When this point has been reached, the search begins for a way or a means to transcend that which before was thought to be the conventional idealistic pursuit.


            We live in an elaborately ordered and systemic universe. It is generally true that the common presumption shared by most individuals about how things existed prior to any obviously systemic and orderly state of being was an unordered or non-systemic state of being. Any systemic structure is a manifestation of evident and palpable clear proof of a complexity and efficiency of process that could only come about as a product of intelligence. Whether the complexity of ordered systemic structures is understood by man, or not understood, presumptions remain only presumptions. The complexity of function in combinations of ordered systems is found everywhere; the clotting of blood is so complex at the microscopic level that it nearly overwhelms the average intellect; the processes of photosynthesis occurring in a tree, with its systemic structures of roots, branches, leaves, fruit, and seeds is so highly complex and efficient that it too almost defies the capacity of the human intellect to comprehend; a galaxy, with its 500 billion sun systems is also a systemic structure, containing all its sub-structures like solar systems, planetary ecological systems, trees, bugs, human beings, and the blood which is in a structured complex process of clotting on the arm of a person who has just scratched himself.


            Chaos, or unstructured form, the unordered condition of unformed matter which presumably existed before any ordered system in the universe, or even unstructured formlessness prior to form as we know it, is an unfounded, unproven, and inadequate hypothesis. Yet, it is a common idea which, until lately, has served as a basis for the conjecture that formlessness eventually produces, from chaotic non-systemic conditions, materiality in both simple and complex formats. According to what our best science now tells us, seemingly static subatomic units of mass somehow combine into orderly systemic forms and then somehow evolve into a dynamic universe with its many worlds, dimensions, and scalar quantities and magnitudes. Everything simultaneously arises in this dynamism which had its prior condition in a static mass or force not moving or progressing. Nonetheless, somehow, all the dynamic movement in the universe, from minuscule subatomic to enormous supergalactic scales, exist in abundant profusion, and then, somehow, sustains ordered arrangements in its fluctuations of manifestations. From a presumed chaotic energy field appears an ordered and structured systemic universe.


            This field of presumed chaos must itself, in its potentiality, or in its latent possibilities of becoming, be imbued with, or have innate in its essential nature, a principle or law of systemic order, a symmetry in potentia that is prior to and exists throughout all coarse phenomenal material forms and events. If, as some people passionately and vehemently insist, it is posited that all phenomena and events are created by a creator that is separate from the created universe, then a further postulate arises that this creator must have a different and unknown origin – and this puts our thinking into infinite regression where no possibility of a singular objective root cause can be found. So if an objective creator being or principle is posited as a root cause – even for a hypothesis of chaos, then this cannot be a separate creator. The only other option would be to think of this as a “creator-intelligence”, totally subjective and not objective, inherent and immanent in all that exists. Using this perspective, it is easy to understand that everything is thus self-ordering according to an innate principle of intelligent pattern and assembly-structure of form and event, and that all are at once spontaneously dynamically integrated.


            Manifestations of hierarchically graded ranks or arrangements of systems are totally relative; each is related to the other and refers or is dependent on the other; and all in existence is also relative to and with the mind of the observer of it. Thus, patterned assembly-structures are interdependent, co-functional, and are interactive, manifesting again in multiple ranks or arrangements with more and more complexity and efficiency of integration of systems which then become again further bases for yet greater structure and order in structure. All this becomes obvious to the enquiring observer and shows obvious intelligence and conscious awareness in local and non-local fields. Whether perceived as local or distant (all is in relativity with the observing mind), all objective spatiotemporality is interiorly and immanently intelligent, an omnipresence penetrating all units and all of totality with a self-organizing dynamism, a repetitive rhythm of action, or resonance, influenced and reinforced by sympathetic proximity principles of an omnipresent immanence.


            Everything emerging into existence begins from a non-chaotic root source that is a subjective oneness, homogeneous in its being. Everything that has ever existed, that exists now, or will in the future exist, is it. Its first movement into objective manifestation is one of polarity, creating an active heterogeneity: these heterogeneities are fundamental, or ultimate, units, the most remote objective structures beyond which it is impossible to proceed in retrospection. Each of these units cannot be divided or destroyed and each is dual in its conditionality, yet containing in itself its own polar oppositional forces, both static and dynamic, while still remaining essentially as one with the primordial subjective immanency, the root source. From these primal units are brought forth all the phenomena of forces, energies, and elemental materiality. These units are dispersed and scattered infinitely and are the multiple manifestations of the unicity of the primordial root source, emerging from an inward stasis to an outward movement, each unit co-dependent and synchronous with all other units. Thus is the beginning of pattern fields in phenomenal objective causation, all being directed and influenced from within by a universal principle.


            The entirety of the process of phenomenal manifestation is a transfigurative holistic morphing of forces, energies, and objects within one original and primordial unicity-identity. Everything existing is not only related to every other thing, but actually is everything else in its noumenal subjective and supraphysical identity, from an infinite multitude of polaric units, a symmetry of form arrangements and patterns extends itself into a more and more complex structuring of holistic interdependent formulations of symmetry. Each systemic set of formulations begins to interact with other related sets of co-dependent structures until subtle pattern relationships are self-created. These subtle pattern events then become, once again, bases for the further complexity and efficiency of hierarchical systems until an immense compounding of pattern energies interact symmetrically and form coherent and sustainable systemically organized structures in space and in the flow of time. Linear movements of the polar relationship complexities of units and systems amalgamate into matrix events which again self-organize into more complex scales of becoming – larger and more complex systemic units, all composed of fundamental polaric units.


            Systemic unit aggregations or clusters create waves or energy fields which project design into other systemic hierarchical structures and this then produces multitudes of seamless extensions of abstract pattern signature and design which eventually form yet other opportunities for creative extension and efficiency. When some patterns are less efficient or fall out of harmony or symmetry with other evolving and co-operating systemic patterns, a dissolution and dis-integration of these patterns eventuates which allows the freed energies to recapitulate and enter other structures of polaric equations and mathematically harmonious geometries which then further differentiate and re-integrate into ever more efficient and reliable symmetries. Some systemic structures become continuities of asymmetrical geometries and ratios of energy products and functions and begin a process of decline to eventually dis-integrate and remorph into proximate fields of more viable and reliable symmetries. These are not chaotic or random events, but an ongoing re-integrational process proceeding from dis-integrating asymmetries. Asymmetrical systems and their energies are assimilated bit by bit into other more evolved pattern designs because a subjective pattern potentiality permeates all and everything.



            Phenomenal objective materiality of all sorts and qualities is made up of stable varieties of form which undergo arcs of involutionary progress wherein are produced more and more stability and efficiency of structure. Then these form patterns undergo cycles of evolutionary arcs that harmonize and eventually perfect the involuted formats. Root source involutes itself into manifest material format sequences while evolutionary arcs perfect ever more stable and viable complexities from the involute polaric units. All units and systems on the arc of evolution manifest increasing levels of intelligence. Evolved material form structures provide foundations for evolution of intelligence that can transcend inertial barriers of matter in nature and nature’s energies, eventually progressing from the scale level of the realm of ultimate units into cosmic system realms with intelligence and consciousness capable of self-movement and self-evolution beyond the constrictions of evolution in nature. Within spatiotemporality, all levels of self-adjusted manifestations, from ultimate primordial polaric units, systemic units, and clusters of systems within systems are still yet one principle and one potentiality, impelled by inherent root source immanency throughout all heterogeneic multiplicity formats. Unicity thus uses fields of complexity and simulation for evolution of intelligence. The holographic universe matrix is a spatiotemporal causational field of morphogeneic processes self-creating and self-moving in and by its own unicity-identity. The totality of all the morphous and syncretic symmetries of integrative and adaptive evolutionary arcs is moving in ever greater intelligence and awareness. Involution covers systemic adaptations and adjustments at nature levels of organized structures which becomes evolution when harmonious complexities self-extend beyond nature levels.


            Such processes are remodulated and recapitulated very many times over long periods of time until a unit succeeds in becoming the most intelligent unit within a systemic structure. This unit then furnishes pattern stimulation allowing associated units to evolve likewise within the structure system parameters. Then the unit moves into a higher scale of systemic structure to begin that level of its progress once again. In this way, each unit succeeds in adapting to compositional pattern structures in ascending degrees of hierarchical levels. In the same way, each hierarchical system in a scale of development exists not only as a conglomerate of its unit parts, but also as a whole individual unit, yet inseparably interdependent in relation to all other units and conglomerated systems. Each unit on whatever scale or degree of progress is a part in a larger whole. In this manner cosmic structures evolute into a next higher range of existence while adding their own pattern advancements to the whole. Thus there are interdependency systems of units and systems of systems of nearly infinite scales of sub-atomics to atoms to elemental to molecular material forms, cellular, organic, beings, planets, suns, solar systems, galaxies, galactic clusters, universes, ad infinitum and on into what mankind has not yet been able to even imagine.


            Subatomic structures are perhaps as complex as super-galactic structures. Holistic morphogenesis is an infinite creational process using temporal finites which participate in infinite complexities, a singular noumenon producing its multiplex phenomena of objective event structures which combine into coherent holographic matrices of motion, substance, and mass in scales of harmonic frequencies. All in existence exists in a synchronous co-dependent arrangement of interrelation of all the parts of the whole. Each singular holonic system is in sameness with the root source. When intelligence advances through systemic progression and reaches the appropriate degree of advancement, then departure from nature-level involutionary arcs occurs and individuated self-aware intelligence assumes responsibility for conscious evolvement and the further building of interdependent systemic organizations. Each level is a step in advancement toward the next level of progress, while associated systems also advance into open potentialities created by advancing units. All these patterns are self-organized and reoccur in cycles according to the structure evolutions and this evolves capacity for adaptation and stability for further advancement in patterning.


            Every identity is in sameness with its inherent root source. Within its field of existence and span of operation it adds its influence to a series of movements and operations within a wide spectrum of hierarchical possibilities, basically unlimited in growth potentialities, yet subject to the whole integral causal structure and therefore takes its action within the growth integration and decline dis-integration of the morphogeneic process. A proton is a system just as is a galaxy. They are both collective processes and event singularities, yet each is individual, albeit in conjunction with all else in the existential cosmos. Everything interpenetrates and mingles. Even a singular proton is connected to every other proton, electron, and galaxy in the cosmos by virtue of subjective power or principle. Everything, except an ultimate foundational unit, is a composite, containing subjectively all the information in the cosmos, ready for further development through scalar involution and evolution. All is in one, one is in all. Everything is a variant duplicate of everything else.


            Individuality is a process event, modulating and re-modulating, integrating and dis-integrating, creating, sustaining, and dissolving in the whole universal process. The cosmos learns about itself and evolves in this way. It takes a little time but there is lots of time available. An individual is like an extended probe, receiving information, processing information, and transmitting information; this makes up the evolutionary process. Every individual is a systemic vehicle, an information packet, containing all information, some usable in its particular scale and some remaining in potentia until activated by pattern integration. All diverse phenomena and beings are basically mechanical and operate through habit energies in one aspect; in another aspect, all are open and susceptible to transformation, morphation, and progress in a dynamic process-matrix. Phenomena and beings are changed primarily by thought processes. Individual minds are universal mind inherently and can make pattern changes in the systemic matrix. The world of human beings is a pattern, mechanical in one respect, and yet in another way dynamically changeable. Living beings like man are at a point in manifested evolution where, through creative thought, new and better patterns can quickly evolve and be released from weakening and dis-integrating formats of old patterns.


            Man has reached a level of progress called “mind”. “Man” is philologically descended from the Sanskrit term “Manas”, which means “mind”. Man is a mental being with sentience. His senses receive information and the mind processes the information. The mind of man, as well as of all sentient beings, is the same in nature and operation and essence as the universal mind. Man is consciously, or unconsciously, this sameness, either in part or in perfection, according to the proportion or degree to which he is individually able to know and act in accord with the plan pattern in the universal mind. The universal mind is all-containing, all-inclusive and absolute in itself and is the source of all the manifested worlds of the matrix of the cosmos. We live in it. Matter is condensed and solidified in its many degrees within the universal mind and the worlds come into existence therein. Each potency within universal mind becomes active at the appropriate time. Some individual minds get knowledge of themselves and their relation to their parent, the universal mind; other minds remain in ignorance.


            A human being is an ultimate foundational unit in a scale of systemic development and has now become responsible to himself for furthering his own conscious intelligence growth within his evolutionary scale, ever since he became aware that he is a conscious sentient being with a mind. Man operates in a complex vehicle composed of multitudes of other fundamental units in their specific orders and systems of evolutionary development that form hierarchical structures that are learning adaptation and growth at the material nature level. Man has now passed through these lower developmental scalar stages and is now in charge of his own individual and collective intelligence status. Lower developmental units are not yet self-conscious and progress only through proximate association with systemic pattern energies and self-aware sentient beings such as animals and man until they too reach the level of individuated conscious awareness and a desire for further development, harmony, balance, integration, intelligence, and perfection.


            The transition from scale to scale and from hierarchy to hierarchy for individual units requires a very large amount of evolved patterning and re-patterning of energies and formal structure. The mistaken identity called ego is a structure format helpful at incomplete and immature stages of man’s progress. Ego, or the notion that an individual is a fixed and unchanging permanent entity, as a physical body with mental contents such as memory and desire, is helpful for survival instincts and preliminary progress at early stages of sentience, but ego-notions soon become obstructions in development of mind at the level of humankind. This obstruction, caused by as yet undefeated ignorance, creates emotional and mental pattern forces conducive to bewilderment, confusion, strife, and suffering. These seemingly negative traits in life are nonetheless coincident synchronicities which tend towards the promotion of movement to a greater and deeper intelligence with powers of reason which can conquer bewilderment, confusion, strife, and suffering. Every individual identity, at whatever scale, is a unique identity functioning in accord with repetitive cyclic morphogenesis, birth-and-death formats producing more stable and intelligent continuities in event patterns. But the mistaken identity called ego is simple ignorance of sameness of identity with root source.


            The being called man is now at a crisis point of scalar possibility. He can self-realize what he really is as a fundamental unit of being and becoming with a materiality vehicle in a conscious cosmos, and once so becoming aware of his source, identity, and potential destiny, each individual being can then further progress beyond the phenomenal limitations of sense mis-discernments and mistaken identity into an ever deeper and deeper realization of the Great Grand Unity and immortality principles. All involutionary and evolutionary functions and processes in their interdependency may be understood by any human being moving in intelligence toward greater awareness and creative becoming based within totalistic and holistic being. The function and potentiality of the universal matrix is open to any possibility; there is no ultimate predetermined destiny for any unit or for the totality. The realization of an infinite holistic complex and multiplex cosmos that is a field producing an ever-expanding intelligence out of a presumed chaotic condition is the next level of understanding for developing individuals called human beings, man. Man will eventually come to realize that all forms, formats, and structures self-transform from original unit-level manifestation, with original source potentiality, onward into ever higher scales of becoming according to a mysterious alchemical refinement process that creates increasingly intense fields of complexities, potentialities, and intelligence.


            There is an absence, a void, in the functional processes of the universal matrix. It is similar to a virus that can infect a supposedly healthy organism. This virus is ignorance. Whether or not this viral medium can or will eventually be expunged from structures in the matrix is not yet known. All beings are enveloped within a holographic mechanism of determinism. This mechanism is perfectly deterministic; causes and sequences of objective activities are bound and limited by their particular process structure at their particular scale levels. However, all processes and structures are open-ended also; this is because potentiality, unlimited and unbounded potentiality, is also an aspect of this deterministic mechanism. Anything can happen because there are infinite possibilities within relativity. The secret lies in the minds of individual beings. Thought in the sentient individual is an internal capacity that can sequentially alter the conditions of the deterministic mechanics of phenomenal structures, yet thought itself, in immature levels of becoming, is itself nearly completely automated, deterministic and mechanistic also. The only way to purge the virus is at the level of thought, by one who can learn to purposefully transcend influential mental proclivities.


            Ignorance is not easily detected by a mind that operates in the void of its influence. It is easier to detect the effects of ignorance in a collective structure like a culture or a society than it is to detect it in an individual or in oneself. The virus can be detected easily when observing some societal organization being supervised by less than the most advanced unit in the system. For instance, the head of a nation-state is usually not the most intelligently advanced or morally superior person in that nation-state, but can be a despot, ignorant of the reality and responsibility of conscientious directing of such a living and organic structure, ignorant of what’s really going on, and ignorant of the ignorance within his own mind. It is easy to see the virus of ignorance still infects our human minds and our human world.


            There are stages through which the primordial root source involutes and evolutes itself into emanations of holographic field complexities, but at an early stage the basis for further morphogeneic processes is a sort of primal plasma organized from the previous field of presumed chaos. Throughout the processes of integrative and adaptive evolutionary arcs there is a greater and greater systemic organization until a point is reached where disharmonious obstructions occur, then decline and disintegration sets in until re-patterning is accomplished and harmony, balance, and integration is restored. In the case of conditioned ignorance, superstition, and fear in the unevolving or devolving individuals, and the influences connected with promotion and sustaining of hive-mentality, mob thinking, party rule, and maniacal behavior through covert hypnotic induction, individuals will not be able to experience life beyond the limitations of localized relative consciousness. All individuals must progressively pass through an ordeal of transformation, or morphogenesis, without which they will eternally be as if mounted upon a wheel, forever revolving, captive within the circumstances dictated and sustained by broken bio-codes and aberrated mental patterns. There are consequences of maintaining association with organized agendas operating to promote hive-mentality and manipulate groups and even nations in order to create and sustain the power structures that eventually lead the ignorant to their own demise. Without the necessary understanding, each individual consigns himself to endless enslavement in the unwanted. Those whose focus is habitually caught in the lower order of corrupted pattern energies not only remain trapped therein but also feed these energies, giving them more power. This turns into a vicious retrogressive cycle.


            Humankind has fallen to a lower order of being, a lower order of pattern structure which is composed of the thought forms related to animal nature mentalities. This lower nature-level scale is a zone of obscured intelligence and discriminative filters that cover the developing spirit just as layers of an onion conceal its center. Most humans have become subservient to the effects of this zone and have ceased to honorably seek and follow the primordial blueprint of life and truth. Blindly obedient to authoritarian doctrines and dogma which obscure the truth, the majority of people have willingly let themselves be spiritually neutered by growth-death at the intellectual level and by disconnected or dysfunctional bio-codes at the physical level. Man-made environmental influences and conditioning have become extremely oppressive and everyone is born into them and gets entangled in them by seeking fulfillment and the escapes from unfulfilment, caught up in the social dramas of childish games and play-acting in psychotic illusions. Enmeshed within the control structures of authoritarian manipulations and the devolutive thought-forms continually presented by the media outlets of the power-elite, the masses remain uninformed and deluded within their personality games and ego-manias. Both physical and metaphysical entities use individuals in their physical, vital, and mental being and thus produce such structures. This knowledge was kept secret in past ages and partial knowledge of it has always erupted in bizarre superstitious beliefs. The power-elite have always had a vested interest in destroying whoever might come forward to inform the masses with this knowledge and destroying the knowledge they had.


            The knowledge cryptically preserved in mythical formats of past ages still represent things too subtle for most to understand with their constricted intelligence and undeveloped reasoning capacity. The tendencies and proclivities of an individual’s thought processes are being manipulated by other humans and groups who are also under a great degree of influence from others and from levels beyond what we think of as our world. All influencing entities seek to lead mankind by persuasion, through promises and threats of reward and punishment into some circumstance. The mind of man has in it a marvelous faculty of imagination, which is susceptible to either intelligent creation or ignorant destruction, and this faculty of imagination is what these beings and people all around us use against us, disguising their suggestions and projected imagery as good ideas and rational solutions to problems mostly created by them in the first place. Then the battles rage at the material physical level where the warfare is fought out between the conflicting desire forces of individual egos, group egos, and the collective egos of nation-states or other large in-groups. The modus operandi of manipulative entities is the intentional covert suppression of the “voice” of conscience by maintaining the gullibility of the populace, sustaining the emotional stress status quo, harassment of the passions, manipulation of the imagination, and endless forms of spellbinding. This is an encapsulation around a sovereign spirit built of the energies of disinformation, superstition, greed, and associated thought formats that promote and sustain distracted oblivion and passively obedient conformity. Experiments in animal behavior, producing situations that condition the waking mentality by forming impressions in the subconscious to produce behavioral conditioning, have proven conclusively that control through pleasure and pain, reward and punishment is a potent tactic. Authoritarian groups will punish and sustain that status quo through further promises and threats. A level of unrest and turmoil is maintained and feelings of depression, insecurity, and anxiety are thereby also maintained. Inevitably, unknowing people pursue escapist tactics to get away from the pain; to get reward they conform. This is how the power is seized, maintained and increased over the masses. But freedom and liberty are always lost and suppressed by this modus operandi of manipulation.


            The physical, psychic-emotional, and mental status of the average individual human being has become infected with confusion, bewilderment, and strife because of corrupted resonant structures in these complexes which entangle, influence, and limit patterned habit energies and perceptual capacities. This is proven even in observing human DNA in its differentiated spiraline symmetries, now devoluted and degenerated from the original integrated continuity it once was. There are many current conjectures about how and why this discontinuity and corruption of the genetic codework has occurred in past time, and how the external environment and internal thought formats, consciously or unconsciously, have the power to alter material and mental systemic conditions of the human makeup. Sufficiently impressed with the confusions and strife that permeates the human life conditionality, mental capacity can degenerate and dis-integrate causing the corresponding degeneration of material, psychic and emotional formats. In the same way, the ability to transcend corrupted mundane conditionality and its influences promotes right knowing through which clarity of understanding can accelerate the processes whereby intelligence is able to overcome entanglements and decline and dis-integration of nature level systems. Through a long era of devolution and decline, humankind has lost memory and knowledge of origins and identity and has fallen into a somnambulistic imprisonment in its current birth-and-death conditionality.


            Mental and psychological forces are prominent in the causational loops which create ongoing cycles of consequential patterns and structures in the internal worlds of man as well as in his conditional external world. External structures, through their own spectral influences, then generate forces that can create and maintain devolutive and retrogressive conditions that influence and further unbalance already perverse thought formats. These kinds of thought patterns are the beginnings or seeds of complex proclivities and tendencies which can keep an individual confined within the ignorance of a conditioned mental-set and thus within coarse mundane repetitive cycles. The delusions of the inner worlds and realms, along with the illusions of the outer become almost undefeatable obstructive hindrances. It is as if a pure light seemingly gets polluted with shadows. These shadows are the material and mental geometries that fabricate perverse lower thought structures or mental-sets. These become dis-integrating forces of the darkness of ignorance which have cast their shadow-like influences upon mankind’s existence for many long ages. Ancient esoteric knowledge has hinted at and depicts this in many ways through myth and symbol which indicate planes and scales of existence beyond what man is conscious of at his physical, psychic, and mental levels. There are some forces and beings that control these forces beyond the physical world.


            Apparently, to the cautious observer, some of these mysterious forces and beings beyond the dense material level possess a determined desire to continue to sustain or impose certain types of conditions and patterns upon the mentalities of the sentient beings of this planet in order to maintain their own influential powers over them. Hierarchies in their own scales and dimensions manifest systemic complexities that are intertwined and co-functional, most significantly with levels directly above and directly below any particular system structure. Some hierarchies are thus antagonistic toward anything seeking to escape confinement within assembly structures of habit energies conducive to the maintenance and support of the hive mentality and automatism in parts of humankind. These are the forces of falsehood and fraud and the darkness of ignorance that can be and generally are used by antagonistic entities or forces that continue to strive for control over pattern generation or regeneration formats that are moving toward more intelligence, light and truth, in order to protect and encapsulate their own dominions. Forces and beings in this external physical world are influenced and in some degree are controlled in this way, from above or from below, in order to stimulate the growth of new conditions or to effect already existing conditions and produce situations whereby intelligence growth can be reordered or suppressed and humans kept locked into dis-integrating asymmetrical functionality cycles of subconscious control.


            Humankind has fallen away from previously developed superior symmetries, and, having become unconscious of his human origins and evolutionary heritage is now mentally overcome and emotionally enslaved, having given away mental sovereignty and allowed spiritual neutering to occur. Humans have permitted the unrecognized dark forces to penetrate their mental operations and manipulate emotions through exaggerated egocentricity, and so limit and obstruct intelligence growth that people have fallen away from use of good reason and fallen toward domination by the well-developed authoritarian dominions. Mentalities dulled by environmental conditioning and lack of discernment capacities are easily neutralized through the suggestive forces of anxiety-producing psychology. This procedure makes people easily susceptible to the effects of stress and reformation of social patterns imposed as “help” by authoritarian oligarchies.


            Suggestive psychology is used to apply a part of an obvious truth to alter and manipulate perception and opinion so that hidden subversive agendas can be covertly promoted. Suggestion can easily lead the gullible individual to anxiety, stress, and depression; further suggestion is persuasion that can then lead to attachment to that which the victim presumes may relieve his problems or symptoms of stress. In this way, a psychological disorder is created in the xoi polloi masses of unvigilant people depending on their ignorance and delusion, keeping them blindly wasting their energy and time in trivial motivations and habitual activities. Most people are thus willingly misled into a slavish prison of mental and emotional lockdown, trapped in repetitive cycles of conflict and turmoil, always seeking some sort of relief from their authoritarian guardians who offer the relief. The ignorant masses have fallen into an attitude of non-vigilance, depending on mass-media and the dictates of authoritarian hierarchies to provide guardianship, but who are actually antagonistic toward anything or anyone that diverges from the model of confinement that they promote in order to protect hierarchical domination and control. The masses generally do not know how or why the authoritarian influences promote hive-mentality and passive, obedient acceptance and conformity to the point of spiritual neutering, loss of real identity, and willing forfeiture of mental sovereignty.


            Most people live their lives submerged in their individual conditioned mentalities, minds operating habitually according to a larger group mind-set. This is a group or collective influence usually referred to as a national or racial culture. People do not understand their conditioning, do not recognize its power to keep them encapsulated in ignorance, and generally they will deny their subservience to conditioning influences. The masses have become nearly animalistic, constantly pursuing and grasping at pleasure and trying to escape from pain, continuously distracted from inquiring into vital life issues by entertainment of one sort or another. Unbeknownst to the majority of humankind, their behavior patterns, ethics, and morals, are structured for them and their compliance thereto is reinforced with promises and examples of reward or punishment. The people can be easily persuaded or coerced to support paradigms and agendas designed by their authoritarian supervisors. Small groups are subject to and influenced by their group leader. His leaders influence him, and thus all organizations, businesses, companies, agencies, governments, militaries, and societies are all being influenced in their organized structural patterns, whether on the physical, psychological, mental, or spiritual scales, by some superior authoritarian hierarchical power. Everything is automatically and robotically carried out according to hierarchical agendas and people plod through their daily tasks and chores according to their preassigned and pre-programmed duties. The hierarchical elite control the activities of billions of people through ownership and operation of education, media, and communication that produces and distributes psychological suggestion, promoting the structuring and maintenance of thought processes and mental-sets of nearly everyone.


            It has become possible to establish an influential and mighty worldwide economic and political power because of the tremendous advances in modern technology. This powerful plutocracy has inconspicuously (covertly) and ruthlessly (overtly) taken control over most of the collective human civilization and are the hidden ruling oligarchy that designs and promotes “programs” through which individuals are persuaded and “programmed” to believe that they must accept and conform to the status quo in order to get along, subsist, survive, and be “normal”. An individual starts believing he is “normal” because he has become proficient in conforming with the status quo paradigm and fits in with the majority. He has not yet understood that the majority of humankind are devolved and automated, encapsulated and trapped in lower zone subservience, victims of suppression and the deadening of conscience, operating with shrunken critical thinking capacities, and enmeshed in distracted oblivion created purposely by the iniquitous agencies who project the toxic and invasive influences of authority, belief, and obedience. The common conformity and uniformity with “normal” society has become an artificially created adjustment toward mental illness. Seven billion people now live in a delusive dream of “normality”. This is a subhuman scale of devolution. Human beings in the wholeness and fullness of truth-vision would not permit themselves to become subservient to such an adjustment, realizing the real situation. But the truth cannot be recognized through the mental filters of conditioned humanity that has been de-individualized, denied their diverse talents, and hypnotically persuaded to conform to a carbon-copy standardization, fixated in the bondage and limitations of mechanistic automatism due to the artificial structural adjustments created by perverse conditioning.


            People get easily conditioned into whatever is the dominant paradigm, religious belief, political view, or behavior because of suppressed fear. There is the fear of the unexpected, of the unknown, of the danger lurking in the darkness, fear of insecurity, ill health, fear of rejection, of failure, and fear of death and destruction. The only way out of the conditioning and its inevitable consequences is not by the usual pursuit of temporal escapist tactics but by understanding the process by which conditioning and programming are established and maintained in individuals and in societies. Conditioning is habit formation and idea acceptance, arising first at the level of thought, then entangling thought and producing consequential behaviors that the conditioning suggests and promotes. Simply by recognizing conditioned thought patterns allows understanding and spontaneous detachment. For instance, when there is stress, the mind usually engages in a reactive abhorrence or shrinking back from that which creates the particular form of stress, trying to formulate ways to escape from the stress. The manipulators of the ruling oligarchy focus on the creation and maintenance of aggravating forms of stress and manipulate those who seek to escape from it by offering solutions and programs for escape. These programs, over time, succeed in the further imprisonment and binding of the seeker into further extended formats of continual escapist conducts promulgated by imaginative ideas that tend to suggest possible future security.


            To be secure and free from stress and fear is what the seeker is seeking and the manipulators are unceasingly inventing and providing programs and programming to be followed and adapted to in order that the seeker might hope to attain his presumed future safety and security. If the seeker populace does not have enough stress and fear to motivate the following of a program that supposedly gives relief, the manipulators are always ready and eager to create scenarios that produce even more stress and fear in the ignorant populace. An example of stress manipulation through suggestion: “You may burn in hell.” Stress alleviation: “We offer you the chance of salvation.” Here the seeker is encapsulated in bondage to the salvation program, having never critically examined the claims made by the promulgators of the salvation program, nor investigated to find real empirical facts or established evidence supporting such claims. The seeker will remain in a deep-seated anxiety sustained with continual reminders of hell and damnation. Another example of stress manipulation through suggestion: “The Russians might invade us and kill us.” Stress alleviation: “We will be safe and secure from the Russians if we build up a huge, unbeatable military offensive and defensive structure.” Here the seeker is encapsulated in bondage to warfare programs, paying taxes to alleviate the fear and anxiety, yet with an ever deeper and growing fear promoted and sustained by continual reminders of war and defeat and death. People are manipulable when they do not understand this process. This modus operandi of mindwashing serves to create stress and insecurity feelings through fear, anxiety, guilt, and shame – and then the oligarchy will come forward to offer a cure. They play upon the desire to obtain the wanted, or to avoid the unwanted, and the fulfillment offered is always at a cost of energy (money), or of freedoms. Very easily they own the people because they own the way they think.


            When an individual or group conforms and becomes mentally and emotionally identified with the paradigm of the ruling hierarchical regime, he gets weakened and susceptible to all the propaganda influences that appeal to the emotions and longings. War, violence, terrorism, panics, and all sorts of trouble and turmoil are intentionally created to distract and systematically control what the minds of the populace are thinking about. Misinformation, disinformation, and no information are always used to benefit the hidden agenda. Sidestepping real and important issues in the world and people’s lives is easily accomplished by presenting ideas and slogans designed to appeal to emotions associated with religion, culture, tradition, patriotism, racism, and fears and hopes of every sort. This is how the worst and most tragic of human tragedies and atrocities are developed and manifested while the covert manipulators and designers are kept safely hidden in the shadows projected by their propaganda and information concealments. The media outlets of the oligarchies have no interest in serving the needs of the masses with meaningful media information; their agenda is to promote the meaningless, the valueless, the sensational, the irrelevant, and the perverse in order to confuse and keep stagnant whatever processes of critical thinking an individual may have been able to develop. Stultification of the growth of individual intelligence and keeping the masses distracted with the trivia of entertainment and time-wasting is the real agenda of media manipulators. The appetites of animal-level mentalities are pandered to and shored up so that issues of real import are not brought to the attention of the xoi polloi common folk. Subhuman social games, personality games, political dramas, television obsessions, sports, and fantasies of every description are the focus of attention. The masses are kept (willingly) stupefied and kept subordinate, giving up or joining up, conforming and submitting and obeying, rejecting their own sovereignty over themselves and discarding reason and truth. The continuity of distractions keeps almost everyone choking in the dusts of irrelevance, the end result of which is always depression, oppression, loss of freedom and liberty, and atrophying of conscience.


            The inner delusion becomes fixed and then the outer illusion is seen as real. Delusion is the foundation for frustration and bewilderment and people generally forget about what is right and adopt what is easy. Attachment to the ego-notion is the primary inner delusion and is the hub on which the wheel of turmoil spins. A person cannot achieve the higher because he is caught up trying to satisfy the lower, his idol the ego. Willing slaves to the deceptions of desire and attachment people submit entirely to worthless motivations and spin on this wheel of animal passions and make that their fundamental base of activities. Then there is the hustle and bustle rat race of daily habitual efforts which produce, in the end, not much more than a fruitless cycle of conflict and a dense and deepening dissatisfaction. People become incapable of determined and structured thought, simple reason, abstract linear thinking, and disinterested in anything beyond their social group associations or personal ego-driven fixations. Their behavior is not determined by reason, right knowledge, or by right thinking, but by their fixations, mental-sets, conditioning, and compliance to the dominant social and cultural paradigm. Thus forfeiting the powers of individual intelligence people self-select out of their intelligence growth potential. Conscience gets atrophied and good value judgement wanes into insignificance; suggestibility is heightened so much that people are easily programmed to disregard all inner sense of morality and responsibility and accept a mechanical reward and punishment morality dictated and enforced by a religion, a government, a superstition, racial or cultural mind-sets, or by whatever new fashion that might arise. People then devolute and become “normal” automatons of herd mentality. Once reaching this level people are easy marks for the propagandists and manipulators who are expert at exploiting the fears and hopes of the gullible masses by systematically controlling imagination and anxiety through suggestion that evokes emotion.


            Frustration, bewilderment, and fear produce a strained anxiety, sometimes to the level of an emotional breakdown or refusal to contend any longer with difficult or exasperating circumstances. A person begins to react automatically and unrealistically instead of responding reasonably and practically and may just give in to subordinating himself to the current and local authoritarian paradigm and hive-mentality rather than pursue a practical solution to his problems by using and developing his own individual powers of reason and critical thinking. Anxiety is easily induced into the unwary and unknowing masses, and then psycho-physical symptoms, byproducts of anxiety, can disrupt previously deeply impressed moral and ethical mental patterns. Deliberate manipulation of thought and emotion, whether overt or covert, of hope, fear, lust, anger, rage, greed, or any of the emotional passions that produce anxiety will increase a person’s degree of receptivity to suggestion. If emotional distress is sustained at a high level for prolonged periods of time, then it becomes very easy to inseminate the seeds of divergent patterns of thinking and behavior. The ability to reason and think clearly is diametrically opposite to the level of anxiety a person is feeling. Harassment and repeated tormenting of the emotions produces anxiety, and when anxiety is high the powers of reason are low. People will be more than eager to accept nearly any suggestion that offers escape from a presumed problem or threat. But there is actually and always a double problem: the external unwanted condition and the integral internal feelings of anxiety about it. Anxiety is the personal, immediate, and close problem, so a suggestion for a solution made by the authoritarian regime may be acceptable to the people. A promise is made to change an external situation. Then hope replaces fear and everything will be ok, so the victim presumes. But this always creates a servile condition. Feelings can be modified and opinions manipulated without the hypnoidal citizen ever becoming aware of what’s really going on. Changed behavior is then repeatedly reinforced through suggestions and examples of positive or negative consequences, pleasure or pain, according to wanted or unwanted behavior. Subliminal or covert suggestion and pernicious propaganda cannot be transcended except through a thorough understanding of its sophisticated techniques. There are those who persist in trying to neutralize the individual spirit by using these techniques, but there are also those who maintain sovereignty over their own minds by neutralizing susceptibility to psychological compulsion.


            For a long time humankind has allowed itself to be subservient to endless sorts of laws, commandments, rules, and dictates governing nearly every move possible to be made, so that he may feel more secure and safe by his dependency on a patterned structure for dealing with life’s stressful conditions and situations in an apparently dis-integrated systemic organization called human civilization. But there are higher laws than man has made, universal laws that pertain to all functionality. Humankind has fallen out of sync and out of harmony with these higher laws, laws of purpose and of potential; he cannot recognize most of these laws. A rational, higher ideal of the purpose of the universe and of the life in it – beyond the mere will-to-survive ideal is to be safe, secure, and satisfied while striving to attain whatever may be the next progressive level of personal evolution or order of being and becoming. People usually suppose that the “civilized society” they are born into exists as a necessary organized system promoting prosperity and maintaining security for the welfare of society. But in actuality, human societies have been structured around and permeated with fraud, coercion, force, swindles, extortion, subterfuges, hoaxes, and deceptions of every kind imaginable that, at the expense of otherwise sovereign individuals, really only promote the agendas of a few clever persons, groups, or the main ruling oligarchy for their own sake. Coercion is persuasion using threats, force, or promises, while fraud is wrongful or criminal deception with the intent to get personal or political or financial leverage and other powers by unjustifiedly claiming or being accredited with superior or excellent abilities. Extortion is the obtaining possession of something of value though force or threats to expose the shameful truth of someone’s behavior and guide them into fear of retribution. A swindler is someone who deceives or deprives another under the guise of a scheme. A deception is the giving of misleading information or impressions. These are forces that cook and rot the minds of the gullible in the dungeons of darkness and ignorance. Through the process of suggestion based on fear and hope promulgated by media and education and programming of various types people have become convinced that their safety and security is possible only through the making and enforcement of more and more laws restricting the activities and behaviors of society and its groups and individuals. Oligarchies sustain their efforts to condition and re-condition people to conform and accept the status quo as their escapist form of security. When multitudes of laws are enacted without the consent of the individuals affected, it is obvious that the individual has resigned sovereignty and succumbed to deceptions and immoral schemes coerced by hierarchical manipulators.


            People forfeit their freedom and sovereignty, and their responsibility to themselves and others when they permit authoritarian powers to make decisions for them. An authority is any individual or group or agency that is allowed to create mental-sets, opinions, perspectives, or emotions in the person or group that has allowed that authority to rise to power. Parents, teachers, preachers, government officials, religions, superstitions, gods, cultures, dogmas, or any idea from these or about these which carries more power for the individual than his own clear thinking and reason has been put into authority by that individual. In some cultures and in some governments or societies the individual is now less important than the society. Yet the society should exist only for the benefit of individuals, not the other way around. Gullible individuals are manipulated by subterfuge and their individuality is overshadowed by the powers of governments and hierarchies. Until people understand and awaken they will continue to allow themselves to be the (willing) victims of coercion, fraud, and swindling subterfuges, and the manipulators will continue to pillage and plunder them. When the modus operandi of the tyrants is known, the structural patterns of these dark forces and their oppressor agents will dwindle and vanish, while the rights of individuals to pursue their own happiness will be re-established.


            Human beings can be generally classified into two broad categories corresponding with their individual character traits: the noble-minded and the ignoble-minded. Noble-minded people are those who have reached the developmental stage of being able to maintain their integrity of purified reasoning capacity and moral conscience; they diligently maintain their mental sovereignty by vigilantly avoiding the ruses of the ignoble others aimed at trying to convince the masses to submit to authoritarian decree in matters of truth, meaning, and ideals. The noble-minded refuse to submit to all manner of coercion of conscience. Ignoble-minded people are those who have submitted themselves to authoritarian decree without thinking; they have lost their integrity and remain victims of their own lack of reasoning capacity and have separated from conscience. The ignoble have thrown away individual sovereignty by misuse of their own minds and have become slaves to the hive-mentality promoted by the ignoble authoritarian swindlers and their ignorant ignoble followers. The noble-minded are in the extreme minority, while the ignoble-minded are the vast majority. The ignoble do have a potential to develop and evolve into noble-mindedness, as they carry the seeds of potential evolution within their own corrupted mentalities. Their practice must be to awaken to the real situation and then strive to starve and weaken the ignoble characteristics and to feed and strengthen the noble factors. Once the noble nature becomes dominant there is strong likelihood against falling again into ignoble mentality. Each individual human being is in a precarious conflict with these two characteristics of his persona, a struggle between wholesome and unwholesome propensities within his own mind. These propensities are his inheritance from the past and his destiny in the future. Upon awakening to this truth, the present task is to develop understanding and awakened lucidity. The noble should avoid the negative influences of the ignoble just as the moth should avoid the flame, just as truth cannot be falsehood, just as light cannot be polluted with darkness. The noble act in such a way that the ignoble have no chance to ruin them. 


            Non-evolving or devolved persons have decided it is in their best interests to depend upon authoritarian decree and authoritarian rule in order that salvation, fulfillment, and security can be had. Truth consciousness cannot allow such degeneracy of mentality and cannot permit decay and loss of individual sovereignty. Truth consciousness is not of interest to immature, hypnoidal, ignoble, or foolish people operating with the vulgar mundane ego-mentality formulated for them by clever authoritarian regimes supported by the peer influence of daily television psycho-spin that promotes devolution into hive-mentality. Yet, those who are living and moving in the world in accordance with responsible commitment to truth and conscience are able to transcend and reverse the effects of unintelligent thinking activity and reactivity. Intelligent response is through recognition and understanding of that which lies at the very root cause of all ego-based motivation to pursue escape from responsible and sovereign action for what is right in favor of pseudo-salvation, pseudo-fulfillment, and pseudo-security. Blindly pursuing goals set by authoritarian oligarchies is folly but most people will continue in the presumption that happiness must be in conformity with hive-mentality pursuing materialistic and hedonistic expression. In such cases the ignoble followers must come to only two possible terminal points: either death comes in the midst of unfulfilled fulfillment pursuits, or a crisis point comes where a person finally decides to examine his real condition and the root causes of his motivations. What he always finds is that he has no clear understanding about what liberty, sovereignty, and tyranny really are.


            The possibility for real liberty for humanity depends now on disentanglement and disengagement from nation-state manipulation and abusive corporate interests who create problem-reaction-solution hysterias in the minds of the masses of ignorant and superstitious people for their own power and control motives. These control situations are created through nothing else than manipulation of the thought processes of those gullible enough to be persuaded by such psychological compulsion, brainwashing. The nature of brainwashing is that those under the influence of it do not know it; they even continue to believe they have their own “free will”, the ability to make rational choices and act according to their own will. A controlled mind does not realize it is being controlled. If the human race ever awakens to this fact it will be because the process is revealed and widely taught so everyone is aware of it. Each individual has to persist with attainment of lucidity and truth-consciousness or accept the consequences of a degraded life. There are forces of deception which feed off the minds and energies of the gullible and unvigilant masses through the compulsive forces of fear, hope, shame, and the degradation of vices and guilt. Always striving for worldly satisfactions and dreaming of celestial glories, remaining dependent on the rule of worldly government and church doctrinal authoritarianism, the masses live with shrunken hearts and fragmented conscience. All the idols, thrones, and armies of the tyrants will remain in power until it is collectively recognized that phantoms of the imagination are formulas for error. Hypocrisy, bigotry, and delusion are symptoms of a fear and hatred of the truth and will continue unabated as the human status quo until individuals reclaim sovereignty over their own minds. In order to begin to direct effort toward attaining sovereignty over mind, one first must be convinced of his slavery to it, of his subservience to its dysfunctional processes. It’s paradoxical: one tries to see clearly through dysfunctional mental processes, but a corrupted mind cannot detect its own corrupt condition. Yet, there is a way.


            The release from gullibility depends upon an awakening to the forces of coercion and deception. Violations of individual freedom and sovereignty must become intolerable, then tyrannical forces will dwindle and disappear and people will have liberty to pursue the meaningful and the real. This is the process of regeneration which nullifies the process of degeneration. Regeneration is the dis-integration of tyrannical systemic structures. Tyrannical structures dis-integrate evolutive structures. Tyrannical authoritarianism is dis-integrative, destructive, and bogus, an illegitimate hoax undermining the responsible and creative progress of all individuals. It must be finally acknowledged that no government, society, organization, group, or other person has any valid right to deny or grant permission to any individual to live and exist in any way that does not infringe the rights of other individuals. All the present governments and ruling authoritarian oligarchies use deception, dishonesty, coercion, and force, alongside of psychological compulsion and brainwashing to destroy individual freedoms and individual progress. Organized agencies are the agents of corrupt manipulators which direct dark forces in the conditioning and systematic despoiling of the gullible. Protection rackets are the legalized schemes promising security but only producing crimes and subterfuge. Theistic regimes and their leaders and preachers use the same ruse, establishing their dogmas in gullible minds as machines for deception and fraud through emotional superstition. A proper society has never yet, in human history, existed on this planet, and the reason is that nearly everyone has been taught to find solace in reality-evasion. The individual must conquer and erase the impressions of rule by the dark forces patterned into the subconscious, replacing dynamic and integrated harmony of intelligence. Restoration and regeneration of harmonious hierarchical systems will allow the individual mind to become one of brightness, not one of stagnation. Then the lucidity of Gnosis can appear.

©2015 S. R. Allen

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