Introduction to Website Monographs

 Introduction to Website Monographs:

     These monographs are detailed surveys of ideas related to Advaita and dealing with aspects of essential knowledge helpful in obtaining a rational and practical perspective of Reality-As-It-Is.  Each of the titled monographs can be useful in some way for getting more clarity about an idea when read alone but will be understood in depth when connected with the rest of the material and especially with the two books, Gnosis (Philosophy, Psychology),and Heart Blossoms (A commentary on the Heart Sutra which are very in depth and detailed.

      This information is quite abstract, but with a little diligence will prove practical and of benefit to those who may feel the urge to evolve into a higher perspective of life and living. Repetitive immersion in Advaitic ideas is a necessity for clarity of understanding.   The format of this material is intended to provide a clear and easy approach to a difficult subject, aiding the reader to increase the momentum of understanding by increasing the capacity to digest the information and ideas.  Hopefully, constructive and critical thinking, as well as a deep understanding of contemplative science, will be stimulated by reading these monographs.    At first, some of the ideas and some of the terms used may be unfamiliar, but always there is at least a simple definition of terminology extant within the writings themselves.   Advaita is abstract, yet it is the mind that exercises its abstract functions that can connect knowledge with understanding. The development of the abstract mental capabilities is necessary in order to correctly discern the real from the unreal.

    These essays are intended to serve as an easy and condensed fundamental intellectual framework that supports a progressive spiritual discipline also described in some of the monographs. All the monographs are not presented from a theoretical or speculative view, but rather from experience – or at least from a conclusive and detailed reasoning. Most of the monographs do not present any sort of systematic approach to any of the ideas outlined in them, but rather are meant to suggest an attitude or mental posture that can help to gain knowledge and the understanding necessary for release from the errant dualistic view. According to how complete the dichotomous view is banished, illumination will be experienced in the corresponding degree. The pinnacle of understanding is a perceptive state of first-hand immediate understanding of all and everything as a oneness and an undivided, nondual totality. This is the perfect recognition of holistic reality. Can this perfect recognition happen just by reading these monographs? Probably not, but the practice in adjusting perspective toward the real esoteric recognition required can certainly be easily supported by the information offered here. The lone practitioner will decide how high to fly.

       With palms together, salutations.

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