name game



     Everything in our physical reality comes and goes. There is no permanence anywhere and even our perceptions are impermanent. Phenomenal objectivity, or objective reality, cannot be separate from our subjective reality, consciousness.   All and everything in objective reality is perceptible only by our subjective reality which receives a vast amount of sensory data, then the mind conceptualizes and names things.   This naming procedure creates an illusion that things are separate from other things because they are conceived of and related to through different names.   What is lost in this name game is the fact of conditional functionality.  No thing actually exists separate from the totality of the conditional flux of the matrix of existence.   Nonduality is a mode of accurate perceptive function that recognizes and understands the conditional non-separateness of all and everything. Names are not a reality, although there is a conventional and conceptual rationale for using words and names; at best this use of language can only be a descriptive finger pointing at the moon, useful in its own relative way, and a necessary step in approaching the reality that cannot be named.



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