Essential Oneness

Essential Oneness

   Nondualism means that there is an essential oneness, everywhere at all times, in all places.  The essence of all real nondual teachings is that this essential “one” is consciousness.  Supreme consciousness has a double, but not split, nature of both static and dynamic functions.   What we call matter is a multiplex aspect of static supreme consciousness, rather a material becomingness of an immaterial beingness. Our own human beingness is just this fundamental supreme consciousness localized in some particular bodymind organism. Being so related to a particular stratum of existence, whether it be of a mineral, a plant, or a sentient being provides supreme consciousness with a vehicle for its own evolution.  In this process, both matter and consciousness evolve in a polaric relationship.  But it is crucial to remember that all polaric relationships require both poles to exist simultaneously.

    The problems, the suffering, the turmoil, the bondage any individual experiences is because of a kind of self-limitation of multiplexity, the variety of things in our universe exist because of relative limitations in their general structure. The primary and most obvious of limitations is ignorance.  When lucid consciousness in an individuated sentient being emerges from this limitation then the ignorance is dissolved and the individual is set free.  The world of separate subject-object no longer appears as such, but a radical oneness is seen to be the apparent fact.    No longer is perception partially dysfunctional; perception evolves into apperception, true seeing.   The objective phenomenal world is no longer something separate from consciousness; subject and object are realized as a oneness of functionality and the knower knows the known as itself. Everything is known as a pure process.   In light of this it becomes obvious that consciousness can itself never be individuated permanently as a separate individual. This brings the inevitable conclusion that consciousness, through the processes of Nature, is evolving matter through scalar hierarchies to serve as ever better structural composites for the expression of consciousness.


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