Precausal Primal Awareness

Precausal Primal Awareness

  Become established in the nature of the original existential condition.  Cut through the knots of attachment and aversion and all dichotomized opinion.  When the mind is free of all ego-motivated ambition and all belief supports, that is correct vision and the proper way to abide.  Judgmental thought may come but it is an old web of habit to avoid getting entangled in,  so stay present in holistic lucidity, responsive and not reactive, flexible in unobstructed freedom. We cannot perceive non-conceptual truth with a structured intellect, so remain in contemplative relaxation, real Gnosis free of dualistic projections and subtle compulsive delusions.

   This is a direct experience of primordial consciousness. This induces a quiescent state of mind that breaks the vicious circle of moral and mental cause and effect. Formless contemplation deconditions consciousness. Formless contemplation does not use concentration on any objective form, but is intent on discovering that primordial consciousness which is able to perceive all forms, all sense impressions, and all thoughts. Formless contemplation consists of just letting the original existential condition prevail spontaneously, moment by moment; this existential condition is actually conditionless, the state of precausal primal awareness.

   This superior apperceptive awareness is a knowing consciousness beyond mind and mental functions.  It will be impossible to enter into formless contemplation unless mind subsides.  Mind is like a distorting filter; it blocks true vision and true understanding because it places superimpositions everywhere. Apperception is beyond all the processes of Becoming, all the processes of mind. Apperception is like the clear sky while mind is like obscuring clouds.  When the clouds are not present then the sky is fully present and totally visible.   When mind subsides, the spectator, the witness, comes to its center.  The more the false identity disperses the more the true identity is experienced.



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