Advaita is the Stance of No Stance

Advaita is the Stance of No Stance

   How to stand in stability in nondual perspective?   A separate “you” or “me” can never do it.  So stop thinking in the dualistic way.  Simple.  So simple it will take a lot of practice, a lot of repetitive remembrance of actuality, to break the old perspectival habit. The old notion of ego and the separative stance has to be put aside.  Once the ego-notion is seen for what it really is, then there is no pseudo-self to presume that a stance is needed.  This is the liberation spoken of in all the old texts.

    Beyond dogmas and doctrines and anything objectively definite is the Advaita, the stance of no stance. Nonduality is simple; but the mind is scattered and illusive, confused about the truth or falsity of its points of reference.  Nonduality cannot be willed to be, cannot be imagined, cannot be desired or felt – but it can be known when all the mental sets and discriminative errors of cognition are recognized and put aside.  Nonduality cannot be known through comparison with duality; the mind wants to always compare opposites in order to try to understand things in relativity, but it won’t help in trying to understand real nonduality.  This is because there is no standard to compare against or to measure against.   Reality has no opposite.   Every attribute of the phenomenal realm, every detail of objectivity, all within the infinity of space and the eternity of time belongs to nonduality and applies to every conceivable attribute of existence.  This is why nonduality is inconceivable, because no discriminative mental process of comparison is relevant or formulatable.  Not a single detail of anything whatsoever is totally conceivable, since in order to understand one single detail of anything, all else in relativity must also be totally understood since all and everything is interdependently existent.   All of the infinity of the matrix of interdependent relativity is essentially indivisible, unimaginable, immeasurable, incomparable, and inconceivable. No thing exists in the way we have become used to habitually perceiving it. In the expanse of infinite reality there is no true divisibility so there is no possibility of understanding nonduality with a mind that keeps splitting things into opposites and relative associations. To go beyond conventional views and to know without the interference of the habituated mind, is the stance of Advaita.   But Advaita cannot stand on any sort of conventional view because all conventional views are by necessity limited and bounded by some degree of partiality or error of perception. Advaita has no such stance and transcends conventional perception by its apperception.



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