Does it happen to anybody in past time? No, because the past is no more.  Does it happen to anybody in the future? No, because the future is not yet.   So that leaves only the NOW moment, the present moment.  Because the notion of past and future are only of mind’s memory and imagination, we know that time itself is only a notion, something for the mind to help it conjure up ideas of relativity. If enlightenment happens to somebody then it has to occur in the present moment, and this does happen.  The right effort is directed toward stabilizing enlightenment and this is directly dependent on the continuity of the understanding of nonduality. When we recognize nondual existence and live life from this base, that’s enlightenment.   When we forget nonduality as reality then we, as presumed individuals subject to the notion of the separate ego, fall back into the old habitual tendencies of mind and separative thinking and perceiving. This is the instability we have to put forth effort to conquer.  Stability of the nondual realization in the present moment is enlightened presence.  This is why Sakyamuni Buddha was called “The Conqueror”.  He never left presence.



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