We live in an ordered and systemically patterned universe.  “Uni” is defined as having or consisting of one, a unity. (Whoever coined the term must have been an Advaitist.)   It is usually presumed that the universe existed prior to its obviously presently ordered state in an unordered or non-systemic state of being. Chaos or unstructured form, even unstructured formless energy prior to form or matter as we perceive it, is an unfounded presumption. Yet it is a common idea serving as a basic existence from which formlessness eventually produces materiality in both simple and complex conditions.    Seemingly static units or bits at the subatomic level eventually somehow group together and combine in ordered systemic forms and somehow evolve into a dynamic universe with its many worlds and scales of development. Everything simultaneously and interdependently arises in this dynamism in scalar profusion from beyond infra-subatomic to beyond ultra-supergalactic scales and self-sustains an ordered structural fluctuation of manifestation.  From a presumed chaotic energy field appears an ordered and structured totalistic universe.

      This energy field of presumed chaos must itself, in its potentiality, be imbued and permeated with a principle or law of systemic order, a symmetry in potentia that eventually is manifested throughout energy-events.  Everything is thus self-ordering and self-patterning according to this law of symmetry and pattern and all assembly-structures are interdependent, co-functional, and able to interact and thus manifest multiple scale levels of more and more complexity and efficiently integrated systems which in their own turn become further bases for yet greater patterned order and systemic functionality.   All this shows obvious intelligence and consciousness in localized perceptivity and comprehension capacities.  In other words, this universe is growing and getting better, observing itself through its parts, with consciousness, at various scalar levels, observing the whole process, and this process is one of totality, interdependency, and nonduality.

    Consciousness is eternal and flows as a continuum, a dynamic movement with purpose.    This purpose is yet unknown and not understood by our current materialistic science, but those who have become identified with consciousness itself have, through this identity been able to come into that knowledge.  We humans are spiritual beings progressing through the vehicles of corporeal physical bodies and incorporeal minds, organized and systemic psychosomatic organisms that we use as vehicles for our becoming.   Yet, when we get obsessed or fixated upon this lower corporeality and identify ourselves with this material body and subtle mind, it begins to demand all our attention and our consciousness shifts its focus from our spiritual being to our material needs and desires, and then these desires become the dominant aspects of our lives.   Our progress slows down, even stops, as we get obsessed with the ego-notion; our idea of separateness gets stronger and we begin to habitually perceive our world and life in a dualistic fashion.    We forget our real selves and assume a mistaken identity and our intelligence suffers from a perceptual dysfunction.   Nearly the whole human race has become deranged.



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