When pure consciousness is recognized as being self-perfected then all sorts of presumed transformations or alterations (like altered states of consciousness) will be known as wastes of time.  Until this fact is realized however, some transformation or alteration of perspective may occur.  This, when it happens is actually a dropping away, bit-by-bit of habitual propensities to see things as-they-really-are-not.  Barriers and limitations are eventually overcome and tensions are relaxed and disappear gradually as everything comes to be known as a perfect process.   Efforts and supposed obligatory actions arise from egoistic motivational illnesses created by a deluded mind.  At some point this gets to be recognized, too.   The contemplative practice is to remain relaxed and tensionless, recognizing the incessant coming and going of mental factors, emotions, daydreams, and all the multitude of internal and external objects and events, while recognizing the whole holistic movement as the matrix of reality-process. This is holistic apperceptive awareness. Stability in perpetual apperceptive recognition is the basis of radical freedom.

   Consciousness is pure subject, the original primordial source of everything phenomenal as well.   Consciousness is the changeless principle of all experience in manifest phenomena which is in incessant change.   Consciousness is within everything objective; it encloses also and permeates all. There is actually an undivided unity of subject and object, although the appearance is usually of a duality.   Consciousness is the Supreme Reality; it does not simply lie inert and remain totally static, but also can survey itself and produce manifest objectivity. Consciousness is not merely inert and powerless but is dynamic, creating, maintaining, dissolving, and changing the phenomenal universe.   Consciousness is not only the knower and reflector of all but also dynamic energy able to form all objectivity. In this way, the universe is perceiving itself. The universe is perceptive functionality. Understanding the universe in this way could be called, philosophically, a Realistic Polaric Monism, or simply, Nonduality.

  With open eyes we gaze out into the objectivity of our existence and see and sense all the phenomena of the multiplicity; with eyes closed we can introvert our attention toward our own subjectivity, our pure consciousness.   We know the internal and external as subject and object, but we recognize this seeming polarity of subject-object as not-two, as nondual reality. Introverting attention inwardly, being aware of our awareness, we can re-identify with our pure subjective Being as the One Universal Consciousness.   There is only the One Consciousness.  There is only nonduality.   Merging subject-object is the apex of nondual contemplative science.





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