Nonduality is Fact

Nonduality is Fact

  Existence (Being) is the inherent characteristic of Unconditioned Reality, and therefore also of the Conditioned Reality. We call these two the Noumenon and Phenomena, or the Being and the Becoming, the Ultimate and the Relative.  Being, or Noumenon cannot itself be observed by anything external to it because it is all-inclusive.   It cannot be inspected as if it was an object because there is no separate place of observance different from Noumenon or Existence itself. Only those who are grounded in the nondual recognition of how things really are can realize what every arising condition was, is, and might be.  The consideration of ignorance may help to somewhat relax the mind from its chronic patterned views and habitual set thinking and help clarify the true point of view of nonduality, nonseparateness.

     Accepting something as fact when it really is not is a function of ignorance.  In order to understand our real condition and situation in this plane of existence it will be necessary to do away with this ignorance.   Where is it that we may search to find the root cause of this ignorance?   When we look hard enough and honestly enough we find that the individual faculty of discernment is the fault, the root of all the ignorance.  Whenever anyone does not perceive the aberrated condition of the faculty of discernment he will be confused by his acceptance of false or partial evidence and making all unverified and uninvestigated assumptions as fact and truth.   Nearly everyone does this since the conventional “traditions” become traditions because there are so many people who presume, without personal investigation, that any thing traditionally accepted as true must therefore be true.   An irrational or defective discernment sustains the continuity of false views, and the primary false view, the most tenacious view of all is called dualism.  When the discerning faculty is relieved of its habitual error, then the primal darkness of ignorance dissipates and there is light.




nonduality is fact

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