How to Do It?

How to Do It?

   The entire universe has just one foundation which is unconditioned – an unutterable, self-originating, limitless expanse of potentiality.  All beings who remain ignorant of it will continue to wander in the clutch of bewilderment and conflict.  Knowledge of the fundamental source is the only way to be released from the progressive conditioning sustained by the ignorance that accompanies each moment of perception. A ceaseless, unmindful, distorted cognition, and the powers of distraction sustain the error of dualistic discrimination, the basis of all delusion.  What is needed is the spontaneous and continual gnostic lucidity that heals the disease (dis-ease) of dualistic perception.

   The “how to” accomplish this disentanglement has not been a very well-addressed subject in some nondualist writings perhaps because it is a very deep, abstract, and sometimes complex process of introspection into the causes and conditions of the individual human mind.   All individual minds are unique and different in their modal operations, yet all do have a definite structural process that is the same for each mind.  Although some characteristics and propensities may be a little different from mind to mind, all the same factors and processes exist in each mind, no matter to what conditioned degree.   The philosophy of nondualism is that there is a necessity to discern correctly the way things really are, that we live in a nondual matrix of conditioned objects and events, and only by achieving the right perspective, or right view, can it be possible to wake up to the real Reality.   There are two aspects of the waking-up process: (1) adopting the correct view and (2) disentangling from the wrong view. These both go together, support each other, and are interdependent and co-functional, or nondual.   With the increase of one comes the decrease of the other and vice versa.   Even if and when the wrong view ceases entirely in the mind of one who has perfected the correct nondual view, the wrong view still continues to exist in the minds of other individuals.  Those individuals do not comprehend this, but the one who knows the truth of the nondual perspective does know it.  The Advaita philosophical approach is one of analysis that promotes a transformation of the way we perceive, but it is by practicing this correct nondual view by remembering it continuously that it gets perfected.


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