Dog-Doo, Mental Contractions


     A time comes eventually, after thinking things through to a point of clarity, that everything begins to be experienced as OK – just as it is.  Everything is pure already. There is nothing actually wrong with anything, even say, a pile of dog-doo.   As it is, it is perfect dog-doo;  couldn’t be more perfect, actually as what it really is is a result of previous structures of causation, a perfect product created by a series of prior conditions stretching back into the primordial mists of time. There is no necessity to have preference or prejudice, love or hate toward the pile.   It is only what it is and nothing more.  No need to superimpose a label onto it.   Even though it may appear to be disgustingly reprehensible to a human being, it is just lovely to a fly.   It all depends on what the mind superimposes on the pile; then comes the preference or prejudice.

       Mental contractions (mind) are superficial fabrications, so we don’t allow ourselves to get absorbed  in  the  delusion of them;   we  just  stay  clearly  stable  in  the state of unfabricated, non-superimposing awareness.   This is a spontaneous continuity of presence, not allowing habitual formats of past thinking to cloud perception.   Freedom from the influences of mental structures is the freeing of bound attention, the de-programming of constricting mind-habits. This is the entry into the real heart of existence, the heart of Being, into the ever-free, ever-awakened pure gnosis. Lack of understanding this is the only real defilement to be overcome.  And yet, even defilements do not have to be overcome or purified, for they are already perfect defilements. The only thing needed is to just learn how to step back and look at how things really are.  This is seeing with a clear eye.


By S. R. Allen   © 2014




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