Advaitayana Yoga, yin yang

unmanifest and manifest


  Consciousness is subjective, subject. Phenomena are objective, object. Consciousness is unmanifest and noumenal and manifests itself phenomenally.   All that exists is subject; subject in its unmanifest noumenal condition is not perceivable, not conceivable.  Objective phenomena are the manifested, perceivable, and conceivable aspect of subject.  While noumenon is singular, all-pervasive, all-penetrating, infinite, and immaculate, phenomena appear as plurality, individual, separate, limited, finite, and imperfect. Subject, the unmanifest, is considered to be the cause and source of our existent objective universe, the essential reality from which all things and beings emerge and into which they eventually are re-absorbed and re-merge.   There is only one reality, yet it has two aspects: being and becoming, unmanifest and manifest, subject and object, noumenon and phenomena.  This could be termed as “monistic polarity”, the yin-yang of existence.   The identity of spirit and matter is one identity, not two.    The real Advaitayana Yoga deals with the annihilation of the errant dualistic notions that prevent true seeing into the truth of nonduality and disposing of the false identity we have mistakenly assumed.


consciousness, noumenon, monistic polarity

subject object, true seeing into the truth of nonduality

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