nondual functioning



    The heterogeneic multiple manifestations of the homogeneic unicity emerge from an “inward” stasis to an “outward” movement. Each and every thing is synchronous and co-dependent on and with all other things, and such is the emergence of pattern fields in phenomenal objective causation, all being of the same static noumenal identity in their dynamic phenomenal appearances. The entirety of the processes of causal objective manifestations and functions is a co-mingling and morphing of energies, forces, and structured objects and events within the one original and primordial unicity-identity. Everything existing is not only related to every other thing, but actually IS everything else in its noumenal supraphysical identity.

       Eventually a simulation pattern of more-or-less balanced symmetry forms itself from a nearly infinite multitude of polaric units and this symmetry promulgates and extends itself in time and space into a more and more complex and balanced structure. The structuring of holistic interdependent formulations in systemic sets begins to resonate with other nearby interrelated sets of interdependent structures until more subtle pattern relationships are self-created.  These subtle pattern events then become dynamic bases for the further modulation and structuring of hierarchical systemic sets until a vast co-mingling of pattern energies interact and form coherent and durable organized patterns in phenomenal matter and energy.  Systemic groups of patterns can then evolve themselves into larger and more complex sets and then project efficient design into other extensions of pattern abstractions which eventually form more bases for creative extension. Thus, our uni-verse comes to be and is an ongoing movement of nondual functioning.


phenomenal objective causationnoumenal phenomenal




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