Real Nonduality is Both Wholeness and Uniqueness

Real Nonduality is Both Wholeness and Uniqueness

   Appearances and phenomena are not false; they are real, but they are usually perceived in a false manner. Perceivable dimensions of existence, if observed as a holographic system, will appear more clearly as what they really are. Coincidences, accidents, and synchronicity are then subjects susceptible to logical exploration as events coinciding dependent on the continuum of the conditions in the existential matrix. Things can be individual parts of a continuum of undivided wholeness, being the wholeness itself yet retaining individual uniqueness. Nothing is ever separately unique because the concept of uniqueness depends on comparison with “others”. The ongoing misconceptions of things as separately “self” and “other” are the fault of the discriminating mind. In actualizing the correct view by way of understanding Advaita, every supposedly single thing is then known as a subtotality complex, a speck of color in a mosaic of infinity. Within relativity is a static original essence.  Within relativity is a static original essence of absolute holism as well as a dynamism of interwoven functions and processes that are the substance of the existential matrix, a fused oneness-and-multiplicity, homogeneity-and-heterogeneity in perfect fullness.


  From our Book:  Heart Blossoms A Commentary and Analysis of the Exalted Mahayana Sutra on the Profound Perfection of Wisdom called the Heart Sutra       click here for free e-book or here for print


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