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1…..The Problem
2…..The Analysis
4…..The Solution


    This book is the result of a long and systematic course of research and a line of questioning in an attempt to understand and convey essential ideas concerning the real circumstances of life and living in a less than hospitable world.  My goal has been to clearly articulate the significance of several important facts which have been generally overlooked by our so-called “modern” traditions of psychology, philosophy, science, and religion. Although the book is somewhat terse and to the point, it is not without a wealth of substantiating detail.    More details will be found within the mind of the reader himself/herself while thinking through the book.  It should be read and re-read several times over a period of time, not only to refresh the memory about what it reveals, but also as a reminder and to shed more light on how the statements in it correlate with the reader’s own experiences in advancements in thinking capacity, reasoning, and insight.

   There are various subtle processes continually operating in the individual mind not usually detected or understood.   As we become more and more aware of these, many of life’s conflicts and frustrations are revealed in their hidden simplicity and the solutions to all kinds of problems can be suddenly, obviously known.

   The book is purposefully compact and dense, serving as a short but powerful stroke that can cut the root of a large, poisonous weed, doing away with the source of the poison itself, instead of engaging in extensive plucking at the various parts of the weed itself in hopes of keeping it manageable by continual pruning.

   The book is structured in a very linear fashion, building an idea pattern based on a problem and a solution to it.   Within the analytical part of the book there is a progressive dialectic revealing how errant reasoning develops slowly into blatant delusion.   The next step in delusional thinking produces motivations that become the hidden aspects of nearly everyone’s problems.

    The last chapter shows explicitly how to win the victory over the hidden problem and incorporates the best of both Eastern and Western esoteric formulas for profound meditative and contemplative practices.

   — The Author


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Gnosis preface

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