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    The only difference between samsara (the wandering on in delusion) and nirvana (the absence of delusion) is the absence or presence of awake lucidity.   Whether samsara or nirvana is a present experience or not, consciousness remains the same. Consciousness is present regardless of whether there is delusion or there is awakening. This condition is the same regarding errant or correct discriminative function of the mind.   If we apperceive rightly then we recognize nonduality and the continuity of the flux of all emerging appearances is known as the energy of consciousness itself taking apparent objective form.    Everything that has form is like a wave in motion on the surface of the vast ocean of consciousness; when a certain wave disappears it goes nowhere else except back into its ocean.    The same applies to thoughts and dreaming in the conditionality of the mind.   All relative consideration of the relative phenomenal world are transcended when we find ourselves in the nondual actuality.

   The perfected spontaneous recognition of nondual reality is the right practice. Consciousness.    As the knowing witness or spectator, has in some old traditions been called “naked awareness” and this is a very good description of how consciousness is in presence without the obstructions of overlays and superimpositions. Superimpositionless awareness is that nondual apperception poised just in the middle between Being and Becoming, the two aspects of pure existence.   This knowing of both Being (noumenon) and Becoming (phenomena) simultaneously coalesced apperceptively will instantaneously destroy all presumed oppositional polarity between samsara and nirvana. While Being equates with noumenal oneness, Becoming equates with movement and multiplicity and presumed dualities. Being and Becoming are both undisputable facts.   Yet neither exists alone, and when this is understood perfectly and finally, there is the awakening.  The difference between a common person and one who is awakened is that the common person lives in a mind continually projecting and superimposing, not knowing his real status and identity.    On the other hand, one who is awakened does not live subservient to a rampantly wandering mind; he knows he is awake and the others are asleep. Those who are asleep do not know they are asleep, nor do they know who is awake. The common people and those who are awake are the same except for this.


nondual actuality

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