Exhausting the Wandering On

Exhausting the Wandering-On

    The aspect of mind we call the intellect habitually processes information from sense data through a perspective of duality.  Since an unpurified mind has not yet seen the unity of the processes of the matrix of existence, the errant notion of separateness is the primary obstruction to the correct function of the intellect.  The understanding of the actuality of non-separateness heals the habitually dichotomizing mind used to being attached to subtle desires and cravings that eventually harden into compulsive separative motivations of the ego-notion.   All that is really going on in the dichotomizing intellect is delusion based in errantly motivated desire and subtle clinging to elements of mistaken dualistic perceptions. Without understanding the whole process of dualistic perception egoistic motivations can never be exhausted.   Without the exhaustion of these there can be no release from the wandering-on in the samsaric whirl, no liberation, no enlightenment.  When the fruits of separative dualistic motivations ripen, then we can surely expect to experience what we don’t want to experience – the turmoil associated with ignorance and misunderstanding, and all the frustration of never being content.  All-discriminating awareness is that awareness which understands things as-they-really-are, as aspects of the totalistic functionality of the wholeness of existence. The habits of dualistic perception cloud the capacity of the intellect to discriminate the truth of things correctly. The requirement essential in opening the door to perfect nondualistic perception and understanding is a thorough study of Advaitic principles, thoughtful and often repeated reflection, meditation that promotes mindful remembrance of the right perspective, and finally the certainty of the truth about our existence will dawn and we can live abiding in the true gnosis.



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