heals the illnesses



     The kosmos is a self-presentation of itself, of its own energy-in-motion.   Noumenon is the principle of potentiality in stasis producing the ceaseless motions of phenomenal becoming. Noumenon interpenetrates every aspect and detail of the entirety of the kosmos and yet its transcendence is never exhausted or diminished by the arisings and becomings of the endless multitude of phenomenal things and events. The continuous process of generation and regeneration of the various aspects of the kosmos is the noumenal creative and artistic phenomenal manifestation.   Noumenon is not like a god or dictatorial force that determines an imposing order upon its subjects,   which is a dualistic perspective. The kosmos is nondual, dynamic and processive, self-generated, and creative, disguising itself as presumably separative multiplicity with its distinct and supposedly irreconcilable oppositionality.   But the so-called “disguise” is only a faulty discernment taking shape in an undeveloped mind.   All and everything is interdependent and mutually arising since all is a phenomenal manifestation of noumenal Being.   As long as ignorance exists in an undeveloped mind, some sort of suffering or trouble will be the inevitable effect.   Yet trouble and misery do seem to be an essential part of the process of the kosmos and the primary driving force of potentiality promoting the evolution of intelligence in beings.   The desire for escape from suffering is directly proportionate to the drive toward knowledge, wisdom, moksha, and enlightenment in any evolving being.  Seeing reality in an all-encompassing, totalistic perspective heals the illnesses of the dualistic discriminative mind.






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