mental chatter, mental narrative



    Non-recognition of the silent gap between thoughts is a constant event, without break except in deep sleep, that keeps occurring because there has not yet been an insight distinguishing between consciousness with qualities and characteristics (mind) and pure stainless consciousness.   The wandering-on through endless experiences of delusion and distraction is due to this state of non-recognition.    Our mindful task is to learn to stabilize our attention in our true identity, pure consciousness, and this will be due to insightful recognition of the background of consciousness which we are.   Being clearly aware of what is happening in the present moment is crucial, but it is difficult to remember to do this since old mental habits die hard. The task is twofold: remaining present and focused as the knowing watcher while dismissing all distraction; it is easy to keep slipping back into absorption in the mental chatter, the mental narrative.  This contemplative practice is the monitoring of attention, being attentive to movements of attention, precision in alertness.   By simply being attentive, in active attention, the old habits of non-recognition and unstable focus in passive attention will weaken and start to lose their power.  That is what is necessary for old mental habits to fade out. But they will never fade away until we stop paying attention to them and letting them run on and on.   They have to be starved out. This is what is meant by “abandon attachment to rising thoughts”.


habits to fade out



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