Lucid or Non-lucid?

Lucid or Non-lucid?

  A noble, rational person, that is , a ratiocinatively adept and advanced person, having realized his/her dilemma of embodied entanglement within the phenomenally manifested structure of time, space, and causality eventually becomes less and less gullible and susceptible to scalar limitations of objectivity and then can move upward and onward through the gradations of individuated evolution and progress. These gradations, or levels of perceptive and rational capacity, increase toward more and greater mental lucidity and are actually what determine the gradations of evolutionary status of any individual, self determined by the measure of ignorance and confusion still remaining in the non-lucid mind.

   Consciousness is our subjective center; the non-lucid mind is at the objective periphery. Our primal subjectivity is the center of Being, while mind’s activities are in the objectivity of Becoming.   Within Being there is knowledge of the vastness of holistic totality; through mind there can be only knowledge of time, space, and causality, and whatsoever can be known through mind is of the relative, of the limited objectivity. To re-center and re-identify in the primal subjectivity is to contact the knowledge of the vast.  The center is the point which is identical to the total holism. All and everything in the existential matrix arises dissolves and re-enters into the center, into primal consciousness without there ever being any real separation or duality.  All thoughts and all external phenomena are projections of consciousness power and non-different in this respect.   The center cannot be brought into being, attained, or cultivated because it is always what-is already.  What can be cultivated is the stability of recognition that we are already in perfect presence at the center. It is not possible to become the center because Becoming is restricted to the periphery, to the relativity, whereas the center is pure Being.  Becoming is an aspect of Being and non-separate from it, nondual. Basic delusion is of the mind and its aberrant functions, so the cure for the dis-ease of delusion does not lie within the dis-ease itself, within the non-lucid mind.



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