nondual contemplative vision

The real and the seeming


    The “goal”, if it can be called a “goal”, of striving to understand nonduality is to adjust and correct the malfunctioning of the discriminative processes of the mind in order to transcend the errant dualistic perceptions and stabilize in nondual and holistic apperception.  This will require a sustained and attentive effort on the part of a serious contemplative practitioner.   There is really nothing esoteric or mysterious about nondual apperception; the fact is, though, that the so-called “goal” is so very obvious that it can be extremely difficult to see because it is so obvious.    But until there is a gap in the continuous habitual discriminative error of the mind, the vision of the liberative and radical leap into nondual apperception will continue to remain postponed. Hence, in these monographs on Advaita there is a predominance of analytical and suggestive enquiry into the way things really are as compared to the way things merely seem to be.


the real goal

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