Ultimately One


   No matter what happens, it is all ultimately one with consciousness.  The fact that we all are consciously present (in some degree) gives us the utmost advantage, as basically what we really are in the fundamental depth of our being and becoming is just that – consciousness. We are all sentient and conscious observers of forms and motions in the realm of phenomenal objectivity. This objective realm includes all of that which we detect as external as well as all that which we can detect as internal – such as the feelings we experience and the contents and processes of our own minds. In this case, both external and internal can be perceived as objective, because the witness of such events is situated at a deeper level than anything objective.  We are the witness, subjective. All thoughts and physical phenomena are objective, constantly moving, always changing; The objective is of the nature level, and even our sentiency, our physical senses, are also the objective functioning of nature – from which the subjective receives information. This is called experience.   Experience at the nature level is very limited and cannot completely reveal our ultimate status to us.   We have to dive deep, deep into our own basic subjectivity to find our real freedom.  We must know ourselves, our nondual subjective and objective reality.   Subject and object are ultimately one.

    Holistic awareness is present when there are no conceptual filters intervening; this is illumination. Repeated and concentrated immersion in knowing presence is what promotes the stability of illuminated apperception; all the rest of what occurs in the passive mechanical operations of mind are destabilizing conditions of distraction and lax attention.  Nondual apperception is THE practice and action conforming to reality and is the fruit of study and insight and thoughtful reflection.  This fruit cannot be searched for, nor found as something to be plucked as from a tree of knowledge; this fruit is always available, always there.  All that has to be learned is how to look behind the veil, how to look into the gap between two thoughts, how to make the distinction between mind and pure consciousness. Neither can this illumined lucidity be developed, since already it is perfectly present.

    In holistic awareness, all and everything is part and substance of all and everything else. The apparent complexity is really a simplicity, just like an ocean with its complexity of waves; the waves of Becoming are not different from the ocean of Being. They are nondual.  Everything we usually call “else” or “other” is seen to be actually not so. There is no thing anywhere that could be “else” or “other” than what it really is, and the spontaneous apperceptive witnessing of the unity of the universe is beyond time, space, and causality, and is the unbiased holistic awareness of the contemplative of Advaitayana Yoga.


ultimately one

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