the consciousness field

the consciousness field


     Consciousness is generally thought to be produced by the brain’s neural networks, similar to the functions of a computer.  This presumption posits that thought and thinking, as well as memory is somehow stored in the cellular structure of the human brain and the information in this storehouse can be accessed through determined thought.  Other explanations include the possibility of the existence of a quantum field of information that is integrated with and accessed by the different cellular structures of the brain which allow for recollection, ordering of information, collection of information though the senses, perception, and cognition.   This has been detected by scientific investigations and measurements of brain and neural functions, usually termed alpha, beta, gamma, and delta wave functions or frequencies.  These waves or frequencies are known to interact with perception and memory in the brain; other ideas are that the interactions take place in the quantum field, or that consciousness itself is the quantum field.   Physical sciences, or physics, cannot measure activities of consciousness because consciousness is not objectively physical.  Brain activities can be measured though, but this is because cellular tissue is objectively physical.  A quantum field is different from an electric or magnetic field; science still knows very little about consciousness itself.   From ancient writings we can easily deduce that consciousness has always been THE quantum field and information is received by the senses and minds of sentient life (psychosomatic information processing mechanisms) because of the sentient ability to perceive changes in the interconnected quantum particles in the matrix of the quantum holograph of existence.  Understanding interactions and processes within the hologram is a task pursued by science, yet the real sages and rishis and buddhas of all time have known the truth about consciousness as the primordial essence and quantum field.   Of course their terminology is a bit different than that used by “modern” science, but they knew nevertheless. Consciousness is not a localized field; it is all-present.   An individual may seem to possess what is considered an individual consciousness, but this is just a seeming presumption.   The individual interacts with the collective and non-local quantum field through an individualized psychosomatic sentient organism that has a developed capability to acquire information. Individuality, so-called, pertains to the specific patterns of attunement and receptivity to the whole matrix of the holographic universe. The whole consciousness field is accessible once the limitations of individual resonance patterns have been transcended.   To transcend such limitations is the reason for the practice of ways and means to know, such as meditation, contemplation, and yoga.

  A deep understanding of non-separateness, interconnection, interdependency, and holographic existence helps people to reduce and even eliminate limitations and helps in recognizing and realizing the greater collective quantum consciousness field.   The kind of yoga described in these writings is supportive of the contemplative science requisite for getting that recognition and realization for a total and complete harmonization and attunement with the resonant dynamism of the matrix and re-identity with the essential nature of true Being.    Consciousness is not a localized field within the brain; the body-mind organism/mechanism is the receiving apparatus for universal consciousness-information and the functions of cognition and perception inherent in the field of pure consciousness itself.  A portion of the Western scientific community supposes that consciousness is a product emerging and evolving from objective materiality; this supposition deems matter as primary consciousness as secondary.   Sages and yogis say that consciousness is prior to all objectivity which is secondary and that the UNIverse is a unified field of consciousness. Consciousness is what is and all there is.


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