Who Will Detach ?

Who Will Detach?

     There are always a lot of injunctions and a lot of advice in old texts and statements of past sages to “just detach”, “remain detached”. This is going to be pretty difficult and stay alive at the same time.   “I am  really  attached  to  the  air  I  breath,   to the  food  I  eat,   to  the  water  I  drink, and to the planet upon which I depend for sustenance.”   But that is not what the sages meant at all.   So what to detach from?   The final conclusion of all Advaita is to let go of the ego-notion – then there is no longer a false identity who must “detach”. Anything that can be transformed is not the real “you”.    The real “you” is your real identity.   The false “you” and false “me” are fictitious identities.  Advaitic understanding cures these identity diseases.





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