homogeneity heterogeneity



    All phenomena, all objects and events, derive from only one essential essence.  This one essence is the homogeneity from which all heterogeneity is produced. Phenomena are noumenon, the relative are the absolute, and all becoming in objectivity is, in actuality, subjective being. Since all phenomena whatsoever have the same essential source and same essential nature, all have a basic same identity and all are thus nondual.  Diversity in relativity is real, but diversity, or heterogeneity, is only mere appearance as we learn to see in a deeper perspective. In whatever way something may seem to appear, its real essential nature cannot be different from the one homogeneous base, and this sameness is the primal fact of nonduality, although each particular phenomenal thing is unique in its specific relative relationship with all else, it can be defined and categorized by mind. Mind can come up with all sorts of conceptual fabrications but cannot conceive all the qualities and details of all phenomena, all the infinite causal and relative correlations, and all the endless possibilities inherent in the totality of conditional relations.  Elaboration by means of concepts and ideas cannot truthfully or completely represent the infinitude of conditional relativity. In the same way, noumenon has no definable boundaries or limits of itself and is beyond conception by the limited human mind.   Heterogeneity and homogeneity are nondual and beyond the limits of mind, but this does not mean we cannot understand this nonduality, it only means that mind is not sufficient for the understanding. The fact is that mind becomes the obstruction to final understanding.  We will have to find a way to transcend and surpass the mind of perceptions and conceptualizations and beyond that to find apperception.





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