Holistic Recognition of Nonduality

Holistic Recognition of Nonduality

   To presume that enlightenment is the complete and total knowledge of all details of everything will produce a motivation to attain all possible knowledge. Of this the human mind is incapable.  The mind gathers in partial details and characteristics of things through sense contact, and then compares qualities and discriminations. The human mind is limited, while details of knowledge are limitless because of the limitless change and infinite motion taking place within conditional perpetual flux.  Reality cannot be known through any intellectual construct; reality is known only through identity with it.  This means it is crucial to disassociate with conceptual error.  Bodhi is necessarily beyond conventional knowledge, yet inclusive of it and incorporating it into an all-inclusive holistic recognition of real reality.  The relative cannot be excluded in a correct, holistic view of ultimate reality beyond all concepts.  To try to conceptualize what is too vast to be conceivable by the discriminating mind is to quit the race one step short of the finish line.


From the free e-Book: Heart Blossoms A Commentary and Analysis of the Exalted Mahayana Sutra on the Profound Perfection of Wisdom called the Heart Sutra  By S. R. Allen
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