The Suppositions of Dichotomy

The Suppositions of Dichotomy

     The act of perceiving is a universal function occurring when there is consciousness and objects of perception. The function of perceiving requires both object and perceiver together; there is no real plurality.   Without this understanding perceptions are always subliminally tainted through the suppositions of dichotomy which always superimposes something unreal from the mind onto whatever is being perceived.  Perceiving is a self-function of the universal matrix, and both consciousness and objects of perception are the polar aspects of this self-function.  There is no real separateness, no absolute individuality, and no real dichotomy, but this errant discriminative process maintains the mental factors producing irrationality and the resultant afflictions of confusion of various sorts and permits an increasing potential, in an already aberrated mental-set, for irrational supposition and increasing delusion.   But there are answers to these problems when the problems are recognized.


     From the Book:   Gnosis A Philosophical Psychology concerning the Emergence of Individuated Holistic Intelligence        By S. R. Allen      click here

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