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Until The Light Dawns

Until the Light Dawns

    The real nature of what we all are, and what everything certainly is, is the primordial consciousness with which the entire universe is totally saturated, and which the universe in all its aspects, subtle and gross actually IS.    All beings that exist in the matrix of becoming that are endowed with sense organs in a psychosomatic vehicle are continuously THAT, but are blinded by ignorance of their real condition. Individual beings understand the external world of becoming according to their level of developed mental abilities to discern and discriminate correctly.   A highly developed mind is one that knows and understands the hindrances and obstructions that can cause errant discernment.  The paradox of spiritual advancement is that an errantly discerning mind cannot discern its error of incorrect discernment.   This paradox is like a cocoon that a butterfly disentangles itself from, slowly, slowly, until it is finally liberated. In order to disentangle ourselves from our cocoon of wrong views we will have to learn to work at it piece by piece until the light dawns in our individual minds.


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