the secret

Ignorance, the virus


    There is an absence, a void, in the functional processes of the universal matrix.   It is similar to a virus that can infect a supposedly healthy organism. This virus is ignorance.   Whether or not this viral medium can or will eventually be expunged from structures in the matrix is not yet known.   All beings are enveloped within a holographic mechanism of determinism. This mechanism is perfectly deterministic; causes and sequences of objective activities are bound and limited by their particular process structure at their particular scale levels. However, all processes and structures are open-ended also; this is because potentiality, unlimited and unbounded potentiality, is also an aspect of this deterministic mechanism.  Anything can happen because there are infinite possibilities within relativity.   The secret lies in the minds of individual beings. Thought in the sentient individual is an internal capacity that can sequentially alter the conditions of the deterministic mechanics of phenomenal structures, yet thought itself, in immature levels of becoming, is itself nearly completely automated, deterministic and mechanistic also.     The only way to purge the virus is at the level of thought, by one who can learn to purposefully transcend influential mental proclivities.

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