Intelligence Growth Suppresion


      Apparently, to the cautious observer, some of these mysterious forces and beings beyond the dense material level possess a determined desire to continue to sustain or impose certain types of conditions and patterns upon the mentalities of the sentient beings of this planet in order to maintain their own influential powers over them.   Hierarchies in their own scales and dimensions manifest systemic complexities that are intertwined and co-functional, most significantly with levels directly above and directly below any particular system structure.   Some hierarchies are thus antagonistic toward anything seeking to escape confinement within assembly structures of habit energies conducive to the maintenance and support of the hive mentality and automatism in parts of humankind.   These are the forces of falsehood and fraud and the darkness of ignorance that can be and generally are used by antagonistic entities or forces that continue to strive for control over pattern generation or regeneration formats that are moving toward more intelligence, light and truth, in order to protect and encapsulate their own dominions.  Forces and beings in this external physical world are influenced and in some degree are controlled in this way, from above or from below, in order to stimulate the growth of new conditions or to effect already existing conditions and produce situations whereby intelligence growth can be reordered or suppressed and humans kept locked into dis-integrating asymmetrical functionality cycles of subconscious control.


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subconscious control


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