lucidity of gnosis

Restoration of Our Brightness


   The release from gullibility depends upon an awakening to the forces of coercion and deception. Violations of individual freedom and sovereignty must become intolerable, then tyrannical forces will dwindle and disappear and people will have liberty to pursue the meaningful and the real.  This is the process of regeneration which nullifies the process of degeneration.   Regeneration is the dis-integration of tyrannical systemic structures.  Tyrannical structures dis-integrate evolutive structures. Tyrannical authoritarianism is dis-integrative, destructive, and bogus, an illegitimate hoax undermining the responsible and creative progress of all individuals. It must be finally acknowledged that no government, society, organization, group, or other person has any valid right to deny or grant permission to any individual to live and exist in any way that does not infringe the rights of other individuals.  All the present governments and ruling authoritarian oligarchies use deception, dishonesty, coercion, and force, alongside of psychological compulsion and brainwashing to destroy individual freedoms and individual progress. Organized agencies are the agents of corrupt manipulators which direct dark forces in the conditioning and systematic despoiling of the gullible.   Protection rackets are the legalized schemes promising security but only producing crimes and subterfuge.  Theistic regimes and their leaders and preachers use the same ruse, establishing their dogmas in gullible minds as machines for deception and fraud through emotional superstition. A proper society has never yet, in human history, existed on this planet, and the reason is that nearly everyone has been taught to find solace in reality-evasion.   The individual must conquer and erase the impressions of rule by the dark forces patterned into the subconscious, replacing dynamic and integrated harmony of intelligence. Restoration and regeneration of harmonious hierarchical systems will allow the individual mind to become one of brightness, not one of stagnation.   Then the lucidity of Gnosis can appear.






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