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     Mental and psychological forces are prominent in the causational loops which create ongoing cycles of consequential patterns and structures in the internal worlds of man as well as in his conditional external world. External structures, through their own spectral influences, then generate forces that can create and maintain devolutive and retrogressive conditions that influence and further unbalance already perverse thought formats.  These kinds of thought patterns are the beginnings or seeds of complex proclivities and tendencies which can keep an individual confined within the ignorance of a conditioned mental-set and thus within coarse mundane repetitive cycles.   The delusions of the inner worlds and realms, along with the illusions of the outer become almost undefeatable obstructive hindrances.   It is as if a pure light seemingly gets polluted with shadows.  These shadows are the material and mental geometries that fabricate perverse lower thought structures or mental-sets. These become dis-integrating forces of the darkness of ignorance which have cast their shadow-like influences upon mankind’s existence for many long ages.   Ancient esoteric knowledge has hinted at and depicts this in many ways through myth and symbol which indicate planes and scales of existence beyond what man is conscious of at his physical, psychic, and mental levels.   There are some forces and beings that control these forces beyond the physical world.


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