Choking in the Dusts


      When an individual or group conforms and becomes mentally and emotionally identified with the paradigm of the ruling hierarchical regime, he gets weakened and susceptible to all the propaganda influences that appeal to the emotions and longings. War, violence, terrorism, panics, and all sorts of trouble and turmoil are intentionally created to distract and systematically control what the minds of the populace are thinking about.  Misinformation, disinformation, and no information are always used to benefit the hidden agenda.    Sidestepping real and important issues in the world and people’s lives is easily accomplished by presenting ideas and slogans designed to appeal to emotions associated with religion, culture, tradition, patriotism, racism, and fears and hopes of every sort.    This is how the worst and most tragic of human tragedies and atrocities are developed and manifested while the covert manipulators and designers are kept safely hidden in the shadows projected by their propaganda and information concealments.    The media outlets of the oligarchies have no interest in serving the needs of the masses with meaningful media information; their agenda is to promote the meaningless, the valueless, the sensational, the irrelevant, and the perverse in order to confuse and keep stagnant whatever processes of critical thinking an individual may have been able to develop.      Stultification of the growth of individual intelligence and keeping the masses distracted with the trivia of entertainment and time-wasting is the real agenda of media manipulators. The appetites of animal-level mentalities are pandered to and shored up so that issues of real import are not brought to the attention of the xoi polloi common folk.  Subhuman social games, personality games, political dramas, television obsessions, sports, and fantasies of every description are the focus of attention.   The masses are kept (willingly) stupefied and kept subordinate, giving up or joining up, conforming and submitting and obeying, rejecting their own sovereignty over themselves and discarding reason and truth.   The continuity of distractions keeps almost everyone choking in the dusts of irrelevance, the end result of which is always depression, oppression, loss of freedom and liberty, and atrophying of conscience.


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