Easy Marks


    The inner delusion becomes fixed and then the outer illusion is seen as real.  Delusion is the foundation for frustration and bewilderment and people generally forget about what is right and adopt what is easy.    Attachment to the ego-notion is the primary inner delusion and is the hub on which the wheel of turmoil spins.    A person cannot achieve the higher because he is caught up trying to satisfy the lower, his idol the ego.  Willing slaves to the deceptions of desire and attachment people submit entirely to worthless motivations and spin on this wheel of animal passions and make that their fundamental base of activities.   Then there is the hustle and bustle rat race of daily habitual efforts which produce, in the end, not much more than a fruitless cycle of conflict and a dense and deepening dissatisfaction. People become incapable of determined and structured thought, simple reason, abstract linear thinking, and disinterested in anything beyond their social group associations or personal ego-driven fixations.   Their behavior is not determined by reason, right knowledge, or by right thinking, but by their fixations, mental-sets, conditioning, and compliance to the dominant social and cultural paradigm.    Thus forfeiting the powers of individual intelligence people self-select out of their intelligence growth potential. Conscience gets atrophied and good value judgement wanes into insignificance; suggestibility is heightened so much that people are easily programmed to disregard all inner sense of morality and responsibility and accept a mechanical reward and punishment morality dictated and enforced by a religion, a government, a superstition, racial or cultural mind-sets, or by whatever new fashion that might arise.    People then devolute and become “normal” automatons of herd mentality.   Once reaching this level people are easy marks for the propagandists and manipulators who are expert at exploiting the fears and hopes of the gullible masses by systematically controlling imagination and anxiety through suggestion that evokes emotion.


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