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Sophisticated Techniques


     Frustration, bewilderment, and fear produce a strained anxiety, sometimes to the level of an emotional breakdown or refusal to contend any longer with difficult or exasperating circumstances.  A person begins to react automatically and unrealistically instead of responding reasonably and practically and may just give in to subordinating himself to the current and local authoritarian paradigm and hive-mentality rather than pursue a practical solution to his problems by using and developing his own individual powers of reason and critical thinking.    Anxiety is easily induced into the unwary and unknowing masses, and then psycho-physical symptoms, byproducts of anxiety, can disrupt previously deeply impressed moral and ethical mental patterns.   Deliberate manipulation of thought and emotion, whether overt or covert, of hope, fear, lust, anger, rage, greed, or any of the emotional passions that produce anxiety will increase a person’s degree of receptivity to suggestion. If emotional distress is sustained at a high level for prolonged periods of time, then it becomes very easy to inseminate the seeds of divergent patterns of thinking and behavior.   The ability to reason and think clearly is diametrically opposite to the level of anxiety a person is feeling.   Harassment and repeated tormenting of the emotions produces anxiety, and when anxiety is high the powers of reason are low.   People will be more than eager to accept nearly any suggestion that offers escape from a presumed problem or threat.    But there is actually and always a double problem: the external unwanted condition and the integral internal feelings of anxiety about it.   Anxiety is the personal, immediate, and close problem, so a suggestion for a solution made by the authoritarian regime may be acceptable to the people.   A promise is made to change an external situation.   Then hope replaces fear and everything will be ok, so the victim presumes.   But this always creates a servile condition.   Feelings can be modified and opinions manipulated without the hypnoidal citizen ever becoming aware of what’s really going on.   Changed behavior is then repeatedly reinforced through suggestions and examples of positive or negative consequences, pleasure or pain, according to wanted or unwanted behavior.  Subliminal or covert suggestion and pernicious propaganda cannot be transcended except through a thorough understanding of its sophisticated techniques. There are those who persist in trying to neutralize the individual spirit by using these techniques, but there are also those who maintain sovereignty over their own minds by neutralizing susceptibility to psychological compulsion.


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