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Dungeons of Darkness


     For a long time humankind has allowed itself to be subservient to endless sorts of laws, commandments, rules, and dictates governing nearly every move possible to be made, so that he may feel more secure and safe by his dependency on a patterned structure for dealing with life’s stressful conditions and situations in an apparently dis-integrated systemic organization called human civilization.    But there are higher laws than man has made, universal laws that pertain to all functionality.  Humankind has fallen out of sync and out of harmony with these higher laws, laws of purpose and of potential; he cannot recognize most of these laws.  A rational, higher ideal of the purpose of the universe and of the life in it — beyond the mere will-to-survive ideal is to be safe, secure, and satisfied while striving to attain whatever may be the next progressive level of personal evolution or order of being and becoming. People usually suppose that the “civilized society” they are born into exists as a necessary organized system promoting prosperity and maintaining security for the welfare of society.   But in actuality, human societies have been structured around and permeated with fraud, coercion, force, swindles, extortion, subterfuges, hoaxes, and deceptions of every kind imaginable that, at the expense of otherwise sovereign individuals, really only promote the agendas of a few clever persons, groups, or the main ruling oligarchy for their own sake.    Coercion is persuasion using threats, force, or promises, while fraud is wrongful or criminal deception with the intent to get personal or political or financial leverage and other powers by unjustifiedly claiming or being accredited with superior or excellent abilities.  Extortion is the obtaining possession of something of value though force or threats to expose the shameful truth of someone’s behavior and guide them into fear of retribution.     A swindler is someone who deceives or deprives another under the guise of a scheme.   A deception is the giving of misleading information or impressions.   These are forces that cook and rot the minds of the gullible in the dungeons of darkness and ignorance.   Through the process of suggestion based on fear and hope promulgated by media and education and programming of various types people have become convinced that their safety and security is possible only through the making and enforcement of more and more laws restricting the activities and behaviors of society and its groups and individuals.   Oligarchies sustain their efforts to condition and re-condition people to conform and accept the status quo as their escapist form of security.   When multitudes of laws are enacted without the consent of the individuals affected, it is obvious that the individual has resigned sovereignty and succumbed to deceptions and immoral schemes coerced by hierarchical manipulators.


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dungeons of darkness

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