Tyrants and the Gullible


     People forfeit their freedom and sovereignty, and their responsibility to themselves and others when they permit authoritarian powers to make decisions for them.    An authority is any individual or group or agency that is allowed to create mental-sets, opinions, perspectives, or emotions in the person or group that has allowed that authority to rise to power.   Parents, teachers, preachers, government officials, religions, superstitions, gods, cultures, dogmas, or any idea from these or about these which carries more power for the individual than his own clear thinking and reason has been put into authority by that individual.   In some cultures and in some governments or societies the individual is now less important than the society.   Yet the society should exist only for the benefit of individuals, not the other way around.    Gullible individuals are manipulated by subterfuge and their individuality is overshadowed by the powers of governments and hierarchies.   Until people understand and awaken they will continue to allow themselves to be the (willing) victims of coercion, fraud, and swindling subterfuges, and the manipulators will continue to pillage and plunder them.   When the modus operandi of the tyrants is known, the structural patterns of these dark forces and their oppressor agents will dwindle and vanish, while the rights of individuals to pursue their own happiness will be re-established.


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