Noble and Ignoble


     Human beings can be generally classified into two broad categories corresponding with their individual character traits: the noble-minded and the ignoble-minded.   Noble-minded people are those who have reached the developmental stage of being able to maintain their integrity of purified reasoning capacity and moral conscience; they diligently maintain their mental sovereignty by vigilantly avoiding the ruses of the ignoble others aimed at trying to convince the masses to submit to authoritarian decree in matters of truth, meaning, and ideals.   The noble-minded refuse to submit to all manner of coercion of conscience.   Ignoble-minded people are those who have submitted themselves to authoritarian decree without thinking; they have lost their integrity and remain victims of their own lack of reasoning capacity and have separated from conscience.  The ignoble have thrown away individual sovereignty by misuse of their own minds and have become slaves to the hive-mentality promoted by the ignoble authoritarian swindlers and their ignorant ignoble followers.   The noble-minded are in the extreme minority, while the ignoble-minded are the vast majority.   The ignoble do have a potential to develop and evolve into noble-mindedness, as they carry the seeds of potential evolution within their own corrupted mentalities. Their practice must be to awaken to the real situation and then strive to starve and weaken the ignoble characteristics and to feed and strengthen the noble factors.   Once the noble nature becomes dominant there is strong likelihood against falling again into ignoble mentality.   Each individual human being is in a precarious conflict with these two characteristics of his persona, a struggle between wholesome and unwholesome propensities within his own mind.   These propensities are his inheritance from the past and his destiny in the future. Upon awakening to this truth, the present task is to develop understanding and awakened lucidity.   The noble should avoid the negative influences of the ignoble just as the moth should avoid the flame, just as truth cannot be falsehood, just as light cannot be polluted with darkness.    The noble act in such a way that the ignoble have no chance to ruin them.


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noble and ignoble

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