crisis point

Terminal Points


    Non-evolving or devolved persons have decided it is in their best interests to depend upon authoritarian decree and authoritarian rule in order that salvation, fulfillment, and security can be had. Truth consciousness cannot allow such degeneracy of mentality and cannot permit decay and loss of individual sovereignty.   Truth consciousness is not of interest to immature, hypnoidal, ignoble, or foolish people operating with the vulgar mundane ego-mentality formulated for them by clever authoritarian regimes supported by the peer influence of daily television psycho-spin that promotes devolution into hive-mentality.   Yet, those who are living and moving in the world in accordance with responsible commitment to truth and conscience are able to transcend and reverse the effects of unintelligent thinking activity and reactivity.  Intelligent response is through recognition and understanding of that which lies at the very root cause of all ego-based motivation to pursue escape from responsible and sovereign action for what is right in favor of pseudo-salvation, pseudo-fulfillment, and pseudo-security.  Blindly pursuing goals set by authoritarian oligarchies is folly but most people will continue in the presumption that happiness must be in conformity with hive-mentality pursuing materialistic and hedonistic expression.  In such cases the ignoble followers must come to only two possible terminal points: either death comes in the midst of unfulfilled fulfillment pursuits, or a crisis point comes where a person finally decides to examine his real condition and the root causes of his motivations.   What he always finds is that he has no clear understanding about what liberty, sovereignty, and tyranny really are.


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