Formulas for Error


     The possibility for real liberty for humanity depends now on disentanglement and disengagement from nation-state manipulation and abusive corporate interests who create problem-reaction-solution hysterias in the minds of the masses of ignorant and superstitious people for their own power and control motives.  These control situations are created through nothing else than manipulation of the thought processes of those gullible enough to be persuaded by such psychological compulsion, brainwashing.  The nature of brainwashing is that those under the influence of it do not know it; they even continue to believe they have their own “free will”, the ability to make rational choices and act according to their own will.  A controlled mind does not realize it is being controlled.   If the human race ever awakens to this fact it will be because the process is revealed and widely taught so everyone is aware of it.  Each individual has to persist with attainment of lucidity and truth-consciousness or accept the consequences of a degraded life.  There are forces of deception which feed off the minds and energies of the gullible and unvigilant masses through the compulsive forces of fear, hope, shame, and the degradation of vices and guilt.   Always striving for worldly satisfactions and dreaming of celestial glories, remaining dependent on the rule of worldly government and church doctrinal authoritarianism, the masses live with shrunken hearts and fragmented conscience.  All the idols, thrones, and armies of the tyrants will remain in power until it is collectively recognized that phantoms of the imagination are formulas for error.   Hypocrisy, bigotry, and delusion are symptoms of a fear and hatred of the truth and will continue unabated as the human status quo until individuals reclaim sovereignty over their own minds. In order to begin to direct effort toward attaining sovereignty over mind, one first must be convinced of his slavery to it, of his subservience to its dysfunctional processes.   It’s paradoxical: one tries to see clearly through dysfunctional mental processes, but a corrupted mind cannot detect its own corrupt condition.   Yet, there is a way.

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formulas for error

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