conditioning and programming


     People get easily conditioned into whatever is the dominant paradigm, religious belief, political view, or behavior because of suppressed fear.   There is the fear of the unexpected, of the unknown, of the danger lurking in the darkness, fear of insecurity, ill health, fear of rejection, of failure, and fear of death and destruction.   The only way out of the conditioning and its inevitable consequences is not by the usual pursuit of temporal escapist tactics but by understanding the process by which conditioning and programming are established and maintained in individuals and in societies.  Conditioning is habit formation and idea acceptance, arising first at the level of thought, then entangling thought and producing consequential behaviors that the conditioning suggests and promotes. Simply by recognizing conditioned thought patterns allows understanding and spontaneous detachment.  For instance, when there is stress, the mind usually engages in a reactive abhorrence or shrinking back from that which creates the particular form of stress, trying to formulate ways to escape from the stress. The manipulators of the ruling oligarchy focus on the creation and maintenance of aggravating forms of stress and manipulate those who seek to escape from it by offering solutions and programs for escape. These programs, over time, succeed in the further imprisonment and binding of the seeker into further extended formats of continual escapist conducts promulgated by imaginative ideas that tend to suggest possible future security.


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