Stress Manipulation


      To be secure and free from stress and fear is what the seeker is seeking and the manipulators are unceasingly inventing and providing programs and programming to be followed and adapted to in order that the seeker might hope to attain his presumed future safety and security.    If the seeker populace does not have enough stress and fear to motivate the following of a program that supposedly gives relief, the manipulators are always ready and eager to create scenarios that produce even more stress and fear in the ignorant populace.    An example of stress manipulation through suggestion:  “You may burn in hell.”   Stress alleviation:  “We offer you the chance of salvation.” Here the seeker is encapsulated in bondage to the salvation program, having never critically examined the claims made by the promulgators of the salvation program, nor investigated to find real empirical facts or established evidence supporting such claims. The seeker will remain in a deep-seated anxiety sustained with continual reminders of hell and damnation. Another example of stress manipulation through suggestion:  “The Russians might invade us and kill us.”  Stress alleviation:  “We will be safe and secure from the Russians if we build up a huge, unbeatable military offensive and defensive structure.”   Here the seeker is encapsulated in bondage to warfare programs, paying taxes to alleviate the fear and anxiety, yet with an ever deeper and growing fear promoted and sustained by continual reminders of war and defeat and death.    People are manipulable when they do not understand this process. This modus operandi of mindwashing serves to create stress and insecurity feelings through fear, anxiety, guilt, and shame — and then the oligarchy will come forward to offer a cure.   They play upon the desire to obtain the wanted, or to avoid the unwanted, and the fulfillment offered is always at a cost of energy (money), or of freedoms.   Very easily they own the people because they own the way they think.


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