crisis point


     The being called man is now at a crisis point of scalar possibility.    He can self-realize what he really is as a fundamental unit of being and becoming with a materiality vehicle in a conscious cosmos, and once so becoming aware of his source, identity, and potential destiny, each individual being can then further progress beyond the phenomenal limitations of sense mis-discernments and mistaken identity into an ever deeper and deeper realization of the Great Grand Unity and immortality principles. All involutionary and evolutionary functions and processes in their interdependency may be understood by any human being moving in intelligence toward greater awareness and creative becoming based within totalistic and holistic being. The function and potentiality of the universal matrix is open to any possibility; there is no ultimate predetermined destiny for any unit or for the totality. The realization of an infinite holistic complex and multiplex cosmos that is a field producing an ever-expanding intelligence out of a presumed chaotic condition is the next level of understanding for developing individuals called human beings, man. Man will eventually come to realize that all forms, formats, and structures self-transform from original unit-level manifestation, with original source potentiality, onward into ever higher scales of becoming according to a mysterious alchemical refinement process that creates increasingly intense fields of complexities, potentialities, and intelligence.


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crisis point

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