lost memory



     The physical, psychic-emotional, and mental status of the average individual human being has become infected with confusion, bewilderment, and strife because of corrupted resonant structures in these complexes which entangle, influence, and limit patterned habit energies and perceptual capacities. This is proven even in observing human DNA in its differentiated spiraline symmetries, now devoluted and degenerated from the original integrated continuity it once was.  There are many current conjectures about how and why this discontinuity and corruption of the genetic codework has occurred in past time, and how the external environment and internal thought formats, consciously or unconsciously, have the power to alter material and mental systemic conditions of the human makeup. Sufficiently impressed with the confusions and strife that permeates the human life conditionality, mental capacity can degenerate and dis-integrate causing the corresponding degeneration of material, psychic and emotional formats.    In the same way, the ability to transcend corrupted mundane conditionality and its influences promotes right knowing through which clarity of understanding can accelerate the processes whereby intelligence is able to overcome entanglements and decline and dis-integration of nature level systems. Through a long era of devolution and decline, humankind has lost memory and knowledge of origins and identity and has fallen into a somnambulistic imprisonment in its current birth-and-death conditionality.


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