ego is mistaken identity

ego is mistaken identity


     The transition from scale to scale and from hierarchy to hierarchy for individual units requires a very large amount of evolved patterning and re-patterning of energies and formal structure.  The mistaken identity called ego is a structure format helpful at incomplete and immature stages of man’s progress.   Ego, or the notion that an individual is a fixed and unchanging permanent entity, as a physical body with mental contents such as memory and desire, is helpful for survival instincts and preliminary progress at early stages of sentience, but ego-notions soon become obstructions in development of mind at the level of humankind.   This obstruction, caused by as yet undefeated ignorance, creates emotional and mental pattern forces conducive to bewilderment, confusion, strife, and suffering.    These seemingly negative traits in life are nonetheless coincident synchronicities which tend towards the promotion of movement to a greater and deeper intelligence with powers of reason which can conquer bewilderment, confusion, strife, and suffering.  Every individual identity, at whatever scale, is a unique identity functioning in accord with repetitive cyclic morphogenesis, birth-and-death formats producing more stable and intelligent continuities in event patterns.  But the mistaken identity called ego is simple ignorance of sameness of identity with root source.

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