evolution of intelligence

evolution of intelligence


    Phenomenal objective materiality of all sorts and qualities is made up of stable varieties of form which undergo arcs of involutionary progress wherein are produced more and more stability and efficiency of structure.   Then these form patterns undergo cycles of evolutionary arcs that harmonize and eventually perfect the involuted formats.   Root source involutes itself into manifest material format sequences while evolutionary arcs perfect ever more stable and viable complexities from the involute polaric units.   All units and systems on the arc of evolution manifest increasing levels of intelligence.  Evolved material form structures provide foundations for evolution of intelligence that can transcend inertial barriers of matter in nature and nature’s energies, eventually progressing from the scale level of the realm of ultimate units into cosmic system realms with intelligence and consciousness capable of self-movement and self-evolution beyond the constrictions of evolution in nature. Within spatiotemporality, all levels of self-adjusted manifestations, from ultimate primordial polaric units, systemic units, and clusters of systems within systems are still yet one principle and one potentiality, impelled by inherent root source immanency throughout all heterogeneic multiplicity formats.   Unicity thus uses fields of complexity and simulation for evolution of intelligence. The holographic universe matrix is a spatiotemporal causational field of morphogeneic processes self-creating and self-moving in and by its own unicity-identity.  The totality of all the morphous and syncretic symmetries of integrative and adaptive evolutionary arcs is moving in ever greater intelligence and awareness. Involution covers systemic adaptations and adjustments at nature levels of organized structures which becomes evolution when harmonious complexities self-extend beyond nature levels.


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