onward and upward

onward and upward


     Such processes are remodulated and recapitulated very many times over long periods of time until a unit succeeds in becoming the most intelligent unit within a systemic structure.   This unit then furnishes pattern stimulation allowing associated units to evolve likewise within the structure system parameters.   Then the unit moves into a higher scale of systemic structure to begin that level of its progress once again.    In this way, each unit succeeds in adapting to compositional pattern structures in ascending degrees of hierarchical levels.   In the same way, each hierarchical system in a scale of development exists not only as a conglomerate of its unit parts, but also as a whole individual unit, yet inseparably interdependent in relation to all other units and conglomerated systems.  Each unit on whatever scale or degree of progress is a part in a larger whole.  In this manner cosmic structures evolute into a next higher range of existence while adding their own pattern advancements to the whole.   Thus there are interdependency systems of units and systems of systems of nearly infinite scales of sub-atomics to atoms to elemental to molecular material forms, cellular, organic, beings, planets, suns, solar systems, galaxies, galactic clusters, universes, ad infinitum and on into what mankind has not yet been able to even imagine.


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hierarchical levels

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