Subatomic structures are perhaps as complex as super-galactic structures.   Holistic morphogenesis is an infinite creational process using temporal finites which participate in infinite complexities, a singular noumenon producing its multiplex phenomena of objective event structures which combine into coherent holographic matrices of motion, substance, and mass in scales of harmonic frequencies.  All in existence exists in a synchronous co-dependent arrangement of interrelation of all the parts of the whole.   Each singular holonic system is in sameness with the root source.   When intelligence advances through systemic progression and reaches the appropriate degree of advancement, then departure from nature-level involutionary arcs occurs and individuated self-aware intelligence assumes responsibility for conscious evolvement and the further building of interdependent systemic organizations.   Each level is a step in advancement toward the next level of progress, while associated systems also advance into open potentialities created by advancing units.   All these patterns are self-organized and reoccur in cycles according to the structure evolutions and this evolves capacity for adaptation and stability for further advancement in patterning.


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