variant duplicates


      Every identity is in sameness with its inherent root source.  Within its field of existence and span of operation it adds its influence to a series of movements and operations within a wide spectrum of hierarchical possibilities, basically unlimited in growth potentialities, yet subject to the whole integral causal structure and therefore takes its action within the growth integration and decline dis-integration of the morphogeneic process.    A proton is a system just as is a galaxy.   They are both collective processes and event singularities, yet each is individual, albeit in conjunction with all else in the existential cosmos.   Everything interpenetrates and mingles.    Even a singular proton is connected to every other proton, electron, and galaxy in the cosmos by virtue of subjective power or principle. Everything, except an ultimate foundational unit, is a composite, containing subjectively all the information in the cosmos, ready for further development through scalar involution and evolution.  All is in one, one is in all.  Everything is a variant duplicate of everything else.


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